Wednesday, July 11, 2012

6th Edition Plans: My Armies

It has been pretty quite around here lately. Work, home, and hobby have been stupid busy though. Then 6th edition 40k hit and , yeah, not much blogging done. After a couple 6th ed games in yesterday, and the start of moving stuff into my new game room, I am finally taking the time to get caught up here.

First up is my re-do of my Sisters of Battle. I was in the process of stripping them a couple months ago, but put it on hold until 6th arrived. I wanted to see if the rules changed anything. I need to see if I will change what I repaint and what will go into the army.

Well, I saw... Vehicles play differently. Notice I did not say they suck! They are just very different now. Hull points mean they will be better earlier but they will die in turns 3-4. My SOB used 11 rhino chassis in it's old version. In the new version it will still have 5-6. I'm looking at 2 large blocks of 20 sister's for my core troops. These lead by priests and screened by dominions with 4 flamers and a retributor squad of 4 heavy flamers. The idea is to march forward shooty and taking the objectives. The flamers keep assault units at bay. I'm working on a flank force to rush ahead and threaten the enemy too. Also in the works is IG allies. An infantry platoon would be great for filling out my troops. The last auto include for my SOB will be a Defense Line with a quad gun. This will keep fliers honest and provide cover for my Exorcists and Sisters.

Tomorrow I will go over my Crimson Fists. There are too many changes to how I'm playing them to add here. Over all, I'm thinking space marines got a serious buff in the new edition. If you were a collector and have all the units, you benefited even more so. Stuff I'm looking at is Cato Sicarious, terminators, shooty terminators, and jump pack assault marines.

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  1. Those are some nice looking armies!

    I think a lot of people will be doing something similar (I know I will!) and re-evaluating their armies.

    Look forward to hearing about the CF.