Thursday, February 28, 2013

Con of the North Terrain

Pickup game of 40k Saturday at the con.

Terrain is the third "army" for me. I have two other full 40k armies, but recent began focusing on terrain. It really is like collecting a full army with many different themes and approaches to doing it. I took the lazy way and have been focusing on some prepainted terrain that matched my game board, but you could easily spend a year painting and modeling terrain that are center pieces on their own.

Con of the North's Terrain Specialties gaming group have some of the best terrain I have ever played on. Simply beautiful stuff. They also have a ton of it, with them doing a full 19 themed boards for their recent RTT.

I'm always looking for ideas for boards,armies,or miniatures, so I thought I would just show you some of their great boards....

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Con of the North 2013 review

Thank you Hy-Vee gas rewards card for a nice tank of gas!
Last weekend we made our annual trip up to Saint Paul for Con of the North. It is an awesome Friday thru Sunday con. This year Zach and Brian, friends of mine also cam up with my wife and daughter for a weekend of gaming and good times.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Hobby; Directions not included...

Every one's hobby ebbs and flows. How much it swings in either direction may vary by person or by periods in their life. My hobby is an evolving thing. She is alive and roaring at times, and in deep hibernation at times. When I started this blog, my mistress the hobby was in full bloom. Tournaments were plenty and I was in the middle of a great army build my Crimson Fists. Today I'm settling into my new career. The bulk of my Fists are finished, but allies open up new opportunities for future projects. What the future holds for my hobby and this blog is the question I'm struggling to find.