Thursday, February 28, 2013

Con of the North Terrain

Pickup game of 40k Saturday at the con.

Terrain is the third "army" for me. I have two other full 40k armies, but recent began focusing on terrain. It really is like collecting a full army with many different themes and approaches to doing it. I took the lazy way and have been focusing on some prepainted terrain that matched my game board, but you could easily spend a year painting and modeling terrain that are center pieces on their own.

Con of the North's Terrain Specialties gaming group have some of the best terrain I have ever played on. Simply beautiful stuff. They also have a ton of it, with them doing a full 19 themed boards for their recent RTT.

I'm always looking for ideas for boards,armies,or miniatures, so I thought I would just show you some of their great boards....

The hill/mesas here are mine. The cowboy western buildings go really well with them, sorta like Firefly setting....

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