Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hopefully you will get some good modeling goodies. So far I have received 5 BL books, the Sisters of Sigmar for my Sisters of Battle conversion and one Jacobus miniature for the SoB army! I'm really pumped about the books. I got Age of Darkness and Outcast Dead so I can catch up on my Horus Heresy series.
Again, have a safe and merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New Chaos Legions Rumours

New Chaos Legions rumours over at Faeit 212. I'll post the good stuff here for those in our area that don't peruse the interwebs. The entire article can be found HERE. All credit for picture and rumours goes to Faeit 212 again.

Friday, December 16, 2011

New Store Grand opening! Sioux Falls

I'm a little late getting this posted up. Hopefully Lloyd will forgive me, but life was happening. Good news for the Sioux Falls area as a new FLGS will be opening this weekend! Universal Bits and Games will open their doors this weekend to fulfill you every gaming need.

Of coarse the Chaos Gods are fickle and I work all weekend......................

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Scouts: First stop, meat and potatoes!

Just a quick article today to get some thoughts flowing on scouting units. I want to  concentrate tonight on what options to take in the unit. I will be playing Sisters of Battle Dominions and Space Marine Scouts, so these two will take up my thoughts...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hobby 101: Color Theory

Today I was reading on some forums and came across this great video on color theory and how to use it with our models. Very good information here, just a little dry due to the subject.

So if you are new to painting or looking for some help to make your stuff "look" better, check out this link.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Word of the day: Scouting.

Lately I have been looking at sisters of battle lists, and one unit always seems to make it into my lists. Surprisingly it is not death cultists. Dominions are my unit of choice, and I have have been doing alot of thoughts on it. Scouting seems to be an important reason and an important tactic not used alot.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Warning Will Robinson!!

It's been a weird weekend. Turkeyday was spent with the flu, and I had to work the weekend. To top it all off my phone and computer take a dump on me. So all my pictures and links are gone and I'm stuck on my wife's laptop. What else can December hold for me.......

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Chaos Legions Rumours!

Lots of new Chaos Legions rumours hitting the interwebs today. All these rumours are over on Faiet 212. His site is always really good for news, so I highly suggest you follow it. Here is a repeat of the Chaos rumours for the local crowd.................

Friday, November 18, 2011

Legion Games November RTT Report

Last weekend I made the 3.5 hour drive up to Minneapolis, MN for a local rtt at Legion Games. It was a 2000 point 3 game rtt with about 17-18 people. I took my wide and kids up with me, as the plan was for then to drive the couple blocks over to my sister's house to spend the day playing with their cousins. this Saturday of gaming went nothing like it was planned too........

Friday, November 11, 2011

Prep work for Legion

Legion Games rtt army. 2000 points

So my list is made and the army is all painted for a 2000 point rtt up in Minneapolis this Saturday. I'm trying something new and this will be my first list with-out Pedro.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

SOLD OUT = Sad Panda

Sometimes life is not fair. This is a lesson I try to teach my kids so they may deal with disappointment. If only I believed my own lessons......

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Saturday Hobby Progress

Here are some quick shots of my hobby progress I got done today.

I have to say I love the vindicator kit. It was very fun to assemble and the "fit" was very good. Hopefully we get some good warm weather so I can do alot of priming to stock pile for the winter.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What's Playing this Week!

This week I have some modeling and painting to do for an upcoming rtt in Minneapolis I'm going to. My painting always goes in spurts and this week will be no different.

The good thing about it this week, is all of my podcasts I listen to have new shows out! I have 8+ hours of entertainment to listen to while I paint this week!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sisters of Battle: First Blood

This last Sunday I headed over to a friends house for a couple games of 40k. I really wanted to try out the SoB codex and he wanted to play against it too. We also decided to use the new battle missions for the SoB out of the dreadfleet WD.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone.
Be safe and have a good night trick or treating!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Wow! What a year.

So I was looking at my stats for pageviews this month and noticed it was this blogs one year anniversary. What a year it has been.............

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sisters of Battle take to the table!

This Sunday I'm taking the sisters of battle to the table once again. This will be my first game with them since the new rules. I spent some time writing up my list and I'm liking so far how they are looking. More models and more tank!

WIP Wednesday; Stealth Thursday post

Ok another Wednesday slipped by and I'm late again on Thursday. I would love to report it was due to me frantically painting some awesome model but, alas it was not.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Black Library Artwork

Here is some new shots from Black Library. It's from their upcoming book Priests of Mars. I thought it looked really cool and would pass it along.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rumours, Zombies,and Fantasy Football

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of post recently. With my trip to Omaha last weekend, and a new job, it has been kind of crazy.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Khornehusker 2011

Ok I finally got this written. I spent yesterday in bed fighting of some kind of bug. I guess that's what you get after handling pictures of zombies!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Articles on their Way!

I'm back from my trip to Omaha and playing in the Khornehusker Indy RTT, but due to zombies I have not had time to write it up yet. I have pictures and stories a coming but was delayed last night by Walking Dead and I have to work in a few.

Tomorrow I should have my Khornehusker article up. Wednesday I will be posting up final pictures of my completed scout squad too. Saturday I maybe getting in a game of Spearhead and I'm tossing around doing a review of it as a mission.

I also have a new list idea as my army play style is still evolving. Lots of stuff coming so stay tuned as it is a light hobby week so maybe a heavy blogger week!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Scouts for Saturday.

Hobby explosion in the last couple days. I need to get my 10 man scout squad painted up for the tournament Saturday. I also decided to change my list and add a 5 man terminator unit that was not based and had to paint shoulder pads yet.

 So what got done and whats left?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Necrons are almost Back!

Looks like the Necron release will be announced the week of October 22nd-29th. Sounds like they will be the November white Dwarf and have a November 5th preorder date!

These are still rumours and should be taken with a grain of salt. Faeit 212 is usually really good with rumours, so this might be considered low sodium.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Picture of the Day: Crimson Fists and Deathwatch

Some awesome looking Crimson Fists pictures over on Joesavestheday. These look very nice. I love seeing different CF color schemes and this is definitely a nice one. Also pictured last is a Deathwatch squad from the same owner, Alex. Fantastic stuff and maybe you can get some hobby motivation from these. I did.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday Night battle summary..

It's been 12 or so hours since my game last night at Zach's house, and I thought I would jot down some thoughts on my army and how it all went down.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday: CF scouts and Sisters Plans

This week was a tough one. I finally got my color scheme down for my Crimson Fists scouts. I also spent some time on planning the Sisters of Battle rebuild. With the new codex, I have to add some new units and other changes were needed.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Wrath of Khan and Bugeater Gt 2012

Hey everybody. Wednesday came and went, and my post got lost in the warp. So we are blogging on Thursday! Big news this week, some good hobby progress, and Games Day UK news. So let's jump right in..........

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Coolest ride ever!

So can I trade my truck in for one?

Ok, nobody forget where we parked.

Gamesday is full of win. Hopefully we see a preveiw of Necrons models!!

Tournaments and Painting

Lately I have been thinking alot about painting and tournaments. Some of it is due to me making a large push to touch up and finish new units for my Crimson Fists. Some of it is due to what I have been seeing at tournaments locally too.

What ever the reason, I began to question how I felt painting fit into the tournament scene. I was never a big fan of soft scores. I always had a painted army. I was/am of the firm belief that if it ain't painted, you don't use it. Tournaments were always a reason to finish painting an army. A deadline, a motivation to paint new units.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Khornehusker army list thoughts.

Kirk: Khan!
Khan: You still remember, Admiral. I cannot help but be touched. I, of course, remember you.

This week I spent too many hours on army builder. I need to come up with a final list for the RTT in Omaha next month. I have a theme I like and I just need to tweak it a little.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Winter tournament season is coming!

Burrr! I woke up this morning to a brisk 33 degrees. Even the dogs did not want to go out this morning.

So Fall is here and old man winter is coming down the road. I wanted to talk about up coming tournaments in the Midwest and how the weather affects gaming around here.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cinderella Season: Iowa State is 3-0!

Iowa State is 3-0 with Texas at home next weekend. What if.......

Good job tonight State!

ISU CyClone Football Tonight!!

Iowa State VS Connecticut

Go CyClones!

Everyone Loves Free Stuff!!!

I think it's important to help new players get started in order to keep the hobby growing. This is really important when you are out here in the cornfields of Iowa, as there are not many hobby stores.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday; Surviving the Hobby Break!

GO STATE! 44-41 3OT WIN!

What a week! Big weekend is over for me, but not alot of hobby progress to report.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Never forget.

September 11th 2001 was one of the reasons I became a volunteer firefighter. Here are the 343 other reasons.......


We shall never forget these 343 Firefighters

Below is a list sorted by Letters A-Z.

Joseph Agnello, Lad.118 Lt. Brian Ahearn, Bat.13 Eric Allen, Sqd.18 (D) Richard Allen, Lad.15 Cpt. James Amato, Sqd.1 Calixto Anaya Jr., Eng.4 Joseph Agnello, Lad.118 Lt. Brian Ahearn, Bat.13 Eric Allen, Sqd.18 (D) Richard Allen, Lad.15 Cpt. James Amato, Sqd.1 Calixto Anaya Jr., Eng.4 Joseph Angelini, Res.1 (D) Joseph Angelini Jr., Lad.4 Faustino Apostol Jr., Bat.2 David Arce, Eng.33 Louis Arena, Lad.5 (D) Carl Asaro, Bat.9 Lt. Gregg Atlas, Eng.10 Gerald Atwood, Lad.21

Gerald Baptiste, Lad.9 A.C. Gerard Barbara, Cmd. Ctr. Matthew Barnes, Lad.25 Arthur Barry, Lad.15 Lt.Steven Bates, Eng.235 Carl Bedigian, Eng.214 Stephen Belson, Bat.7 John Bergin, Res.5 Paul Beyer, Eng.6 Peter Bielfeld, Lad.42 Brian Bilcher, Sqd.1 Carl Bini, Res.5 Christopher Blackwell, Res.3 Michael Bocchino, Bat.48 Frank Bonomo, Eng.230 Gary Box, Sqd.1 Michael Boyle, Eng.33 Kevin Bracken, Eng.40 Michael Brennan, Lad.4 Peter Brennan, Res.4 Cpt. Daniel Brethel, Lad.24 (D) Cpt. Patrick Brown, Lad.3 Andrew Brunn, Lad.5 (D) Cpt. Vincent Brunton, Lad.105 F.M. Ronald Bucca Greg Buck, Eng.201 Cpt. William Burke Jr., Eng.21 A.C. Donald Burns, Cmd. Ctr. John Burnside, Lad.20 Thomas Butler, Sqd.1 Patrick Byrne, Lad.101

George Cain, Lad.7 Salvatore Calabro, Lad.101 Cpt. Frank Callahan, Lad.35 Michael Cammarata, Lad.11 Brian Cannizzaro, Lad.101 Dennis Carey, Hmc.1 Michael Carlo, Eng.230 Michael Carroll, Lad.3 Peter Carroll, Sqd.1 (D) Thomas Casoria, Eng.22 Michael Cawley, Lad.136 Vernon Cherry, Lad.118 Nicholas Chiofalo, Eng.235 John Chipura, Eng.219 Michael Clarke, Lad.2 Steven Coakley, Eng.217 Tarel Coleman, Sqd.252 John Collins, Lad.25 Robert Cordice, Sqd.1 Ruben Correa, Eng.74 James Coyle, Lad.3 Robert Crawford, Safety Lt. John Crisci, H.M. B.C. Dennis Cross, Bat.57 (D) Thomas Cullen III, Sqd. 41 Robert Curatolo, Lad.16 (D)

Lt. Edward D'Atri, Sqd.1 Michael D'Auria, Eng.40 Scott Davidson, Lad.118 Edward Day, Lad.11 B.C. Thomas DeAngelis, Bat. 8 Manuel Delvalle, Eng.5 Martin DeMeo, H.M. 1 David DeRubbio, Eng.226 Lt. Andrew Desperito, Eng.1 (D) B.C. Dennis Devlin, Bat.9 Gerard Dewan, Lad.3 George DiPasquale, Lad.2 Lt. Kevin Donnelly, Lad.3 Lt. Kevin Dowdell, Res.4 B.C. Raymond Downey, Soc. Gerard Duffy, Lad.21

Cpt. Martin Egan, Jr., Div.15 (D) Michael Elferis, Eng.22 Francis Esposito, Eng.235 Lt. Michael Esposito, Sqd.1 Robert Evans, Eng.33

B.C. John Fanning, H.O. Cpt. Thomas Farino, Eng.26 Terrence Farrell, Res.4 Cpt. Joseph Farrelly, Div.1 Dep. Comm. William Feehan, (D) Lee Fehling, Eng.235 Alan Feinberg, Bat.9 Michael Fiore, Res.5 Lt. John Fischer, Lad.20 Andre Fletcher, Res.5 John Florio, Eng.214 Lt. Michael Fodor, Lad.21 Thomas Foley, Res.3 David Fontana, Sqd.1 Robert Foti, Lad.7 Andrew Fredericks, Sqd.18 Lt. Peter Freund, Eng.55

Thomas Gambino Jr., Res.3 Chief of Dept. Peter Ganci, Jr. (D) Lt. Charles Garbarini, Bat.9 Thomas Gardner, Hmc.1 Matthew Garvey, Sqd.1 Bruce Gary, Eng.40 Gary Geidel, Res.1 B.C. Edward Geraghty, Bat.9 Dennis Germain, Lad.2 Lt. Vincent Giammona, Lad.5 James Giberson, Lad.35 Ronnie Gies, Sqd.288 Paul Gill, Eng.54 Lt. John Ginley, Eng.40 Jeffrey Giordano, Lad.3 John Giordano, Hmc.1 Keith Glascoe, Lad.21 James Gray, Lad.20 B.C. Joseph Grzelak, Bat.48 Jose Guadalupe, Eng.54 Lt. Geoffrey Guja, Bat.43 Lt. Joseph Gullickson, Lad.101

David Halderman, Sqd.18 Lt. Vincent Halloran, Lad.8 Robert Hamilton, Sqd.41 Sean Hanley, Lad.20 (D) Thomas Hannafin, Lad.5 Dana Hannon, Eng.26 Daniel Harlin, Lad.2 Lt. Harvey Harrell, Res.5 Lt. Stephen Harrell, Bat.7 Cpt. Thomas Haskell, Jr., Div.15 Timothy Haskell, Sqd.18 (D) Cpt. Terence Hatton, Res.1 Michael Haub, Lad.4 Lt. Michael Healey, Sqd.41 John Hefferman, Lad.11 Ronnie Henderson, Eng.279 Joseph Henry, Lad.21 William Henry, Res.1 (D) Thomas Hetzel, Lad.13 Cpt. Brian Hickey, Res.4 Lt. Timothy Higgins, S.O.C. Jonathan Hohmann, Hmc.1 Thomas Holohan, Eng.6 Joseph Hunter, Sqd.288 Cpt. Walter Hynes, Lad.13 (D)

Jonathan Ielpi, Sqd.288 Cpt. Frederick Ill Jr., Lad.2

William Johnston, Eng.6 Andrew Jordan, Lad.132 Karl Joseph, Eng.207 Lt. Anthony Jovic, Bat.47 Angel Juarbe Jr., Lad.12 Mychal Judge, Chaplain (D)

Vincent Kane, Eng.22 B.C. Charles Kasper, S.O.C. Paul Keating, Lad.5 Richard Kelly Jr., Lad.11 Thomas R. Kelly, Lad.15 Thomas W. Kelly, Lad.105 Thomas Kennedy, Lad.101 Lt. Ronald Kerwin, Sqd.288 Michael Kiefer, Lad.132 Robert King Jr., Eng.33 Scott Kopytko, Lad.15 William Krukowski, Lad.21 Kenneth Kumpel, Lad.25 Thomas Kuveikis, Sqd.252

David LaForge, Lad.20 William Lake, Res.2 Robert Lane, Eng.55 Peter Langone, Sqd.252 Scott Larsen, Lad.15 Lt. Joseph Leavey, Lad.15 Neil Leavy, Eng.217 Daniel Libretti, Res.2 Carlos Lillo, Paramedic Robert Linnane, Lad.20 Michael Lynch, Eng.40 Michael Lynch, Lad.4 Michael Lyons, Sqd.41 Patrick Lyons, Sqd.252

Joseph Maffeo, Lad.101 William Mahoney, Res 4 Joseph Maloney, Lad.3 (D) B.C. Joseph Marchbanks Jr, Bat.12 Lt. Charles Margiotta, Bat.22 Kenneth Marino, Res.1 John Marshall, Eng.23 Lt. Peter Martin, Res.2 Lt. Paul Martini, Eng.23 Joseph Mascali, T.S.U. 2 Keithroy Maynard, Eng.33 Brian McAleese, Eng.226 John McAvoy, Lad.3 Thomas McCann, Bat.8 Lt. William McGinn, Sqd.18 B.C. William McGovern, Bat.2 (D) Dennis McHugh, Lad.13 Robert McMahon, Lad.20 Robert McPadden, Eng.23 Terence McShane, Lad.101 Timothy McSweeney, Lad.3 Martin McWilliams, Eng.22 (D) Raymond Meisenheimer, Res.3 Charles Mendez, Lad.7 Steve Mercado, Eng.40 Douglas Miller, Res.5 Henry Miller Jr, Lad.105 Robert Minara, Lad.25 Thomas Mingione, Lad.132 Lt. Paul Mitchell, Bat.1 Capt. Louis Modafferi, Res.5 Lt. Dennis Mojica, Res.1 (D) Manuel Mojica, Sqd.18 (D) Carl Molinaro, Lad.2 Michael Montesi, Res.1 Capt. Thomas Moody, Div.1 B.C. John Moran, Bat.49 Vincent Morello, Lad.35 Christopher Mozzillo, Eng.55 Richard Muldowney Jr, Lad.07 Michael Mullan, Lad.12 Dennis Mulligan, Lad.2 Lt. Raymond Murphy, Lad.16

Lt. Robert Nagel, Eng.58 John Napolitano, Res.2 Peter Nelson, Res.4 Gerard Nevins, Res.1

Dennis O'Berg, Lad.105 Lt. Daniel O'Callaghan, Lad.4 Douglas Oelschlager, Lad.15 Joseph Ogren, Lad.3 Lt. Thomas O'Hagan, Bat.4 Samuel Oitice, Lad.4 Patrick O'Keefe, Res.1 Capt. William O'Keefe, Div.15 (D) Eric Olsen, Lad.15 Jeffery Olsen, Eng.10 Steven Olson, Lad.3 Kevin O'Rourke, Res.2 Michael Otten, Lad.35

Jeffery Palazzo, Res.5 B.C. Orio Palmer, Bat.7 Frank Palombo, Lad.105 Paul Pansini, Eng.10 B.C. John Paolillo, Bat.11 James Pappageorge, Eng.23 Robert Parro, Eng.8 Durrell Pearsall, Res.4 Lt. Glenn Perry, Bat.12 Lt. Philip Petti, Bat.7 Lt. Kevin Pfeifer, Eng. 33 Lt. Kenneth Phelan, Bat.32 Christopher Pickford, Eng.201 Shawn Powell, Eng.207 Vincent Princiotta, Lad.7 Kevin Prior, Sqd.252 B.C. Richard Prunty, Bat.2 (D)

Lincoln Quappe, Res.2 Lt. Michael Quilty, Lad.11 Ricardo Quinn, Paramedic

Leonard Ragaglia, Eng.54 Michael Ragusa, Eng.279 Edward Rall, Res.2 Adam Rand, Sqd.288 Donald Regan, Res.3 Lt. Robert Regan, Lad.118 Christian Regenhard, Lad.131 Kevin Reilly, Eng.207 Lt. Vernon Richard, Lad.7 James Riches, Eng.4 Joseph Rivelli, Lad.25 Michael Roberts, Eng.214 Michael E. Roberts, Lad.35 Anthony Rodriguez, Eng.279 Matthew Rogan, Lad.11 Nicholas Rossomando, Res.5 Paul Ruback, Lad.25 Stephen Russell, Eng.55 Lt. Michael Russo, S.O.C. B.C. Matthew Ryan, Bat.1

Thomas Sabella, Lad.13 Christopher Santora, Eng.54 John Santore, Lad.5 (D) Gregory Saucedo, Lad.5 Dennis Scauso, H.M. 1 John Schardt, Eng.201 B.C. Fred Scheffold, Bat.12 Thomas Schoales, Eng.4 Gerard Schrang, Res.3 (D) Gregory Sikorsky, Sqd.41 Stephen Siller, Sqd.1 Stanley Smagala Jr, Eng.226 Kevin Smith, H.M. 1 Leon Smith Jr, Lad 118 Robert Spear Jr, Eng.26 Joseph Spor, Res.3 B.C. Lawrence Stack, Bat.50 Cpt. Timothy Stackpole, Div.11 (D) Gregory Stajk, Lad.13 Jeffery Stark, Eng.230 Benjamin Suarez, Lad.21 Daniel Suhr, Eng.216 (D) Lt. Christopher Sullivan, Lad.111 Brian Sweeney, Res.1

Sean Tallon, Lad.10 Allan Tarasiewicz, Res.5 Paul Tegtmeier, Eng.4 John Tierney, Lad.9 John Tipping II, Lad.4 Hector Tirado Jr, Eng.23

Richard Vanhine, Sqd.41 Peter Vega, Lad.118 Lawrence Veling, Eng.235 John Vigiano II, Lad.132 Sergio Villanueva, Lad.132 Lawrence Virgilio, Sqd.18 (D)

Lt. Robert Wallace, Eng.205 Jeffery Walz, Lad. 9 Lt. Michael Warchola, Lad.5 (D) Capt. Patrick Waters, S.O.C. Kenneth Watson, Eng.214 Michael Weinberg, Eng.1 (D) David Weiss, Res.1 Timothy Welty, Sqd.288 Eugene Whelan, Eng.230 Edward White, Eng.230 Mark Whitford, Eng.23 Lt. Glenn Wilkinson, Eng.238 (D) B.C. John Williamson, Bat.6 (D) Capt. David Wooley, Lad.4

Raymond York, Eng.285 (D)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

My weekend, a tale of two cities!

It's early Monday morning, and my wife will kill me for being up still. But I had one up and down weekend, and sleep is just not coming to me tonight.. ur this morning, whatever.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mage Con RTT prep. 1750 Fists

This Saturday is the RTT at Mage Con, a local con in my area. Their is no awards and it is a pretty laid back tournament. I'm going to run a mixed marine list similar to my Bugeater GT list.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

HoP Idol voting is up!

Voting is up for week 2 of House of Paincake's blogger Idol contest. Early voting looks close, so my hopes may be riding on immunity. Anyhoo, check out the link an give the articles a read if you have not already. They are pretty good considering most only had a weekend to write them up after finding out the themes.

Still here? Go on vote. Oh, you were thinking you should click some ads on the side for me, good idea. Now go vote!