Friday, November 11, 2011

Prep work for Legion

Legion Games rtt army. 2000 points

So my list is made and the army is all painted for a 2000 point rtt up in Minneapolis this Saturday. I'm trying something new and this will be my first list with-out Pedro.

I'm leaving my comfort zone of the Pedro bubble to try a basic Rock army. Sometime a change of pace is needed. I also wanted to get some new stuff painted and this was motivation. The list.....

Kasorro Khan
Chaplain Cassius

5 Assault terminators- 5 thunder hammers
5 Assault terminators- 5 lightning claws
land raider crusader- MM


10 marines- rhino, missile, melta, sargent
5 marines- razorback, assault cannon, pintle sb, sargent with power weapon, melta bomb
8 cc scouts- power weapon

speeder- HF, MM
speeder- HF,MM

predator- las sponsons
vindicator- shield

So I will have a rock in the LR. I might outflank the dread, termies with hammers, and speeders, depends on the mission and opponent. If nothing else, I got 2 more models painted and this army is still growing.

Here are some shots of the two newest additions, the vindicator and Chaplain Cassius....

I really like the black and red fist models I have painted. BT are so tempting fluff wise and painting wise.


  1. Looks good man, good luck!

    One thing, I'm not sure if Ironclads can outflank, due to the fact that they don't have combat tactics to replace with chapter tactics.

    Or maybe I'm just smoking crack :)

    Looking forward to some reports tho!

  2. Yeah found that one out as I read closer. Short report coming soon, hopefully tomorrow. I warrn ya, it was a bad showing from me, but I learned a good lesson.