Friday, March 25, 2011

Who loves Brown? I DO!!

Lookie lookie what I found on my chair when I got home today!!. What could it be?

Man thats alot of peanuts! These are going to be everywhere...

Very nice. Thank you Neil at the Warstore. The last of my Crimson Fists needed for my list.

More painting to come it looks like. 3 razorbacks, Ironclad, Drop pod, Attack bike, and a Predator. Alot to go, but most of it is vehicles. Stay tuned for more pictures. Till then here are some bad pictures of my 6 sternguard completed so far.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bugeater Crimson Fists list breakdown part 2

I have some time while I wait for a few models to dry after being primed, so I thought I would jot down some notes on how I plan to use my HQ choices.

First up is Pedro Kantor. I decided to play Crimson Fists at the Minneapolis GT in 2003. I decided there that I was going to build an army that had all metal shoulder pads and forgeworld door for rhinos. I had gone the decal route back then and my army was showing wear from my army case. Fast forward to 2010. I started playing alot again and going to tournaments and wanted to revisit my Crimson Fist project. Back in 2003 I collected up 50+ shoulder pads and 4 bottles of the old storm blue. After about 3 seconds of flipping threw the 5th edition SM codex I had decided Pedro would lead my force. I love the idea of scoring sternguard and after reading Rynn's World, I was sold, hook, line, and sinker.

I plan to run my list as a shoot/counter assault army. I have been playing Sister' of Battle for the past year and I love that style of 24inch range shooty with counter assault units. This list gives me better shooting and way better assault elements than my sisters list. Pedro make my sternguard scoring. He also gives me a pie plate for the first turn. The +1 attack aura he gives me, gives my assault elements a little more punch. Stubborn is nice also. Coming from sisters, I am very used to stubborn type forces.

Next up is the librarian. Sorry no picture as of yet. He is currently en route from the warstore. I was not going to run a librarian till recently, but after a RTT in Omaha and fighting daemons, the choice was easy. Now add in Grey Knights, and it is a must have now.

Tactically, my librarian is not going to be fighting unless all is lost. His powers are going to be Null Zone and maybe Avenger. I'm currently not a 100% sold on Avenger. Null Zone will make daemons and hammertime termies a much easier fight. I'll try to keep him in a razorback near by. Avenger will give me a template for pushing units off objectives in the later turns. His hood will come in useful also.

Next up will be my heavy choices... Hopefully my Warstore order will be in this week and I'll have pics up of those units.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011-2012 Cons and what not.

I'm planning out the rest of this years travel for Cons and Gt's and some new ones are going to in the mix. Unfortunately I did not start this earlier in the year and that means Adepticon is out for this year. I have not decided if it will be Adepticon or Nova Open next year. Here is a list of what I have decided to attend....

First up is MageCon Spring. I doubt I will make it to all the days due to it being on Mothersday weekend. I should be able to attend on Saturday, so hopefully there will be a RTT for 40k that day.

Next in June will be the Bugeater GT in Omaha. I'm super looking forward to this GT. This should be the Fists big first tourney.

New for me this year is Rock Con. It is a straight shot over on highway 20 in Illinois. It looks cool, and the guys from Eternal Warriors talked it up pretty good. My cousin lives out there and maybe I'll be able to stop over and see whats up.

Last but not least is Con of the North up in Saint Paul Minnesota. This is an awesome con with a great bunch of guys running events. The cons registration system really sucks but the rest is so awesome, I still go up there.

Now I only have to decide if it will be Adepticon or Nova Open in 2012.... Choices.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grey Knights Ho!!

Well I'm not starting another army at this time, but I wanted to take a 1 day break from the Fists. I decided to see if I could improve on my collection of Grey Knights. After some touchups and some new washes, they look darker and better. I like.  :)

Maybe a project for this fall.....?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Just got my latest low ball score off of ebay... Picked up Nemesis, First Heretic, Prospero Burns, and the grey knights Omnibus all for the grand total of $15.00 plus $3.00 shipping. Very good deal since the 3 Horus Heresy books alone are running me $24.00 for 3. Almost have the whole collection now and I have 6 waiting to be read!!

Librarians, don't leave home without them.

Games workshop image.
The other day I was thinking about my list for the Bugeater GT. One think keeps nagging me about it, no psychic defense. So what would it take to add a Librarian and what would I loose/gain. I would have to drop both Speeders. I could add a 100 point librarian and 1 HB attack bike.

I would loose some mobility in the speeders and a MM shot, HF shot and 1 HB. I would gain a psychic hood and NULL ZONE. Null zone alone might be worth the trade. It will help my Hammertime unit take on the mirror match and make it so much easier vs daemons.

I hate the fact that I almost have both speeders completed and I'm not going to use them, let alone the fact that I'm adding another model to paint and convert up. Now is the time to decide with more than 3 months out.

New list looks like...

Pedro Kantor

Librarian- null zone, avenger

10 man tactical squad- Melta gun, missile launcher
Sarg- powerfist

10 man tactical squad- Melta gun, missile launcher
Sarg- powerfist

Ironclad Dreadnought
Drop pod

Assault Terminators- 3 lightning claws, 2 thunderhammer

10 sternguard- 2 combi meltas, 2 meltas
Sarg- lightning claw

Attack bike- heavy bolter
Predator- lascannon sides

Predator- lascannon sides

Predator- lascannon sides

Whatcha think.

Monday, March 14, 2011

This week in gaming

Thunder cats ho!!!

Last week was good practice for this week. I got a few things finished up painting wise and more stuff put together for my Fists army.

I went to see Battle Los Angeles Friday night and man it was a ride. I liked it alot. Simply a good war movie. Very rah rah go USA stuff.

Sunday I got off work early and did some good painting on tactical squad #2. I got razorback #1 and predator #2 assembled and ready for priming. I got a butt load of stuff primed and ready for painting tomorrow. Some pics of last weeks work...

pred #2

front is not attached as FW front will be replacing it.

Razor #1

FW doors will be used once they arrive.

Tactical squad #2, lead by Capt Cortez.

I also mentioned I did some priming. I switched primer and this was my first go with it. I had been using a primer from walmart. My awesome wife picked up a can of Army Painter primer last weekend when she was in Omaha. Thank you Game Shoppe for stocking it. This stuff is awesome. It coats so nice and leaves all the detail. I'm very glad I switched and I am going to check out the colored stuff next to see If I can use it to speed up my painting steps.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tactics, Strategy, and 40k

I read a great article on Dakka about strategy, tactics, and how you use them in 40k. It was started by a new player that was having trouble trying to figure out what he should be worrying the most about. This is what I took from the discussion and how I think you can apply it to 40k.

Strategy and 40k, is simply what do you want to accomplish? What is your army's goal for the coming battle. We all want to win, so what does your army need to do to win? Do you need to capture objectives? Do you need to wipe out the enemy? Do you need to stop a mobile enemy so you can capture the objective? Plan what you need to do before deploying. Decide what units are you going to use to accomplish these goals. Where do these units need to be to accomplish their goals? What units do you need to kill or stop to accomplish you mission?

Tactics are how you will accomplish your goals. How will that rhino with a tactical squad eliminate those guardians? Tank shock them and them flame the bunched up ones? Multi assaults to tie up more than one unit so another can claim the all important 3 objective?

Knowing what you need to do, how you are going to do it, and with what forces you can do it with, is the most important part staying focused and giving yourself a chance to win.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bugeater Gt unit break down part 1

Troops... For this list I'm only running 2 tactical squads. I figure with combat squading and the sternguard counting as scoring, I will have 3-6 scoring units. I should be pretty mobil too with both tactical squad having razorbacks. The plan is to hold with the missile launcher half of both squads and the sargent will take the razorback and support the rest of the army. Here is a break down of the squads and their upgrades.

10 man tactical squad- missile launcher, plasma rifle. Sargent with power fist bolt pistol.
razorback with double heavy bolter.

With the 2 tactical squad razorbacks and a razorback from the sternguard, I will have 3 twin linked heavy bolters. This plus my fast attack choice of speeders gives me my anti infantry. It also gives my 5 man squads some protection while sitting on objectives.

For my tactical squads, both will have missile launchers and plasma rifles. The missile launchers give me a couple down range shots vs vehicles and an option vs infantry. Its also the new The plasma rifles are not a popular chioce. I went with them to give me more ap 2 weapons for nids and hammertime units. I will run the 5 man as a missile/plas squad. The other 5 man will be the sargent and 4 regular troops. These guys will help out in assualts, contest objectives, and assualt vehicles of opportunity.

Whell thats my troop choices. Monday I will have my reasoning behind my elite choices. Feel free to ask questions or suggestions to make the list better.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

List thoughts for the Bugeater GT 1850 Crimson Fists

Two days off and massive plans to paint, and what happens....4+ hours messing around on army builder. Well it is not all bad as my 1850 list has morphed and changed a little. I'm going to throw my list up as is in it's current form. The list will morph with some testing, but this is what I'm collecting and currently painting. The list is a Pedro Kantor list but I have dropped a sternguard squad and made some other changes I'll explain after the list in part 2.

The list............

Pedro Kantor

10 man tactical squad- plasma rifle, missle launcher, powerfist on sarg
razorback- twin heavy bolter

10 man tactical squad- plasma rifle, missle launcher, powerfist on sarg
razorback- twin heavy bolter

10 sternguard- 2 combi melta, 2 meltas, lightning claw on sarg
razorback- twin heavy bolter

Ironclad Dreadnought- seismic hammer, dreadnought ccw, melta, storm bolter
drop pod

Terminator assualt squad- 3 thunder hammers, 2 lightning claws

Landspeeder- multimelta, heavy flamer

Landspeeder- heavy bolter, heavy bolter

Predator- auto cannon, lascannon sponsons

Predator- auto cannon, lascannon sponsons

Predator- auto cannon, lascannon sponsons

In part 2 I'll go over my thoughts on the list and what I plan for each unit..

Monday, March 7, 2011

New week, new goals.

Well a new week is here. Only one day off this week as Monday was spent getting my store inventory turned in.

Tuesday I have off and hope to get some painting done. I hope to get tactical squad 2 based and finally finished. Need to prime up some more models and bases. Hopefully getting both speeder bases done also.

No gaming planned as the rest of the week is work. I need to get serious painting done this week. I want to get a couple articles finished also. I'm working on a army list article for Sister's of Battle and a tactics artical.  Pictures will be posted up Saturday !!!

Thats all for now .

Friday, March 4, 2011

This week in gaming.

This week has been pretty good for the old hobby. Last weekend I made the trip down to Omaha for a RTT at Game Shoppe. Only 9 people showed up for the RTT so with the ringer it was 10. I took my 1500 point sister's of battle list since they were still in the case packed from the week before. I literally wrote my list for the RTT at 6 am in the morning 5 minutes before I left for Omaha.

Here is a quick summary of the Rtt. The drive down was less than fun as we had some light snow. In the end it was an ok drive down with Interstates being fairly good. I got down there with plenty of time and set my army up. First game I drew to an Ork Mech force. He ran 2 battlewagons and 3 trucks plus lootas, and defcoppters. The mission was out of the battle missions book and it was not the best. In the end I held one objective, orks held one, and one contested. I hate defrollers....... Second battle was vs a drop pod space wolf force. I gave him a really goo run and was winning easy in the beginning but it was modified kill point mission with HQ's worth 3 points each and he got his 10 point kill point swing in a late turn for his win. Game 3 was vs the ringer deamon army. It was a good battle and I had him down to 3-5 models but it was a kill point mission and I started with my kp out numbering him 3-1. Another bad loss when I was close to tabling my opponent. Game 4 was vs an Eldar player and it was a modified objective game. You scored a point every turn u held an objective. He started on 3 of the 5 and I did not get to him till turn 3. Ended in a tie when he would have been tabled if we had time for one more turn. So 0-2-2 in a RTT where I played scenarios that really do my army no justice. On to the rest of the week....

Midweek was productive with some good painting and modeling progress on my Crimson Fists. I also did alot of research into Legends of the Old West game. Looks like I will get some minis and paint up a posse. The movie Tombstone being on also help this decision.

This week was also dominated by interest in the Bugeater GT this June in Omaha. There was lots of talk of it at the RTT and I got the bug and registered.

Hotel arrangements were also taken care of as Hulksmash of Dakka fame will be splitting the room with yours truly. Hopefully I can get a Friday game in against him. His rtt and GT records are very impressive and I would love to compare his ability to Bart and Taco of Paper Street fame from Sioux City.

Now here are some WIP pics of my Fists.

Painted and done minus basing is tactical squad #2.
Speeder #2 is assembled and 80% painted.
Razorback #1 of 4 is on its way for assembly.
Check them out....