Sunday, March 20, 2011

2011-2012 Cons and what not.

I'm planning out the rest of this years travel for Cons and Gt's and some new ones are going to in the mix. Unfortunately I did not start this earlier in the year and that means Adepticon is out for this year. I have not decided if it will be Adepticon or Nova Open next year. Here is a list of what I have decided to attend....

First up is MageCon Spring. I doubt I will make it to all the days due to it being on Mothersday weekend. I should be able to attend on Saturday, so hopefully there will be a RTT for 40k that day.

Next in June will be the Bugeater GT in Omaha. I'm super looking forward to this GT. This should be the Fists big first tourney.

New for me this year is Rock Con. It is a straight shot over on highway 20 in Illinois. It looks cool, and the guys from Eternal Warriors talked it up pretty good. My cousin lives out there and maybe I'll be able to stop over and see whats up.

Last but not least is Con of the North up in Saint Paul Minnesota. This is an awesome con with a great bunch of guys running events. The cons registration system really sucks but the rest is so awesome, I still go up there.

Now I only have to decide if it will be Adepticon or Nova Open in 2012.... Choices.


  1. As an organizer of Adepticon, can I ask why your on the fence for 2012 (or 2011 for that matter)? You're already coming out for Rockcon - so you must be familiar with the Chicago area. Is it a cost thing? Events too big/too small/wrong games?

  2. My decision to want to attend Adepticon came to late for me to "Make it happen" this year. My family and I try to go up to Minneapolis for Con of the North in February. I live down in northwest Iowa were there are a few regulaur cons (MageCon spring and fall)

    Next year I can budget travel and hotel expenses and vacation time from work for one "major" event. I'm on the wall with the choice between Nova and Adepticon. These are looking to be the premier GW events and I want to attend. I heard about Rock Con on a podcast. I'm currently checking into it. The timing is the main reason Rock Con would work for me. My vacation time resets in October and nothing much is going on the begining of November.

    I am leaning toward adepticon in 2012. It's 75/25 on the wall. I'm also eagerly waiting pictures and reports for this years adepticon!

    PS never been to the Chicago area. Any advise is welcome.

  3. Josh,

    I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, and make a trip back at least once a year, shoot me an email if you want some advice.

    @Chicago Terrain Factory: I can only speak for myself, but having the first day of 40k be on a Friday was a real killer for me being able to attend this year. I hope you'd consider bundling it to Sat/Sunday. I know this has been expressed by others - they were talking about the same problem on the 11th company podcast.