Monday, March 21, 2011

Bugeater Crimson Fists list breakdown part 2

I have some time while I wait for a few models to dry after being primed, so I thought I would jot down some notes on how I plan to use my HQ choices.

First up is Pedro Kantor. I decided to play Crimson Fists at the Minneapolis GT in 2003. I decided there that I was going to build an army that had all metal shoulder pads and forgeworld door for rhinos. I had gone the decal route back then and my army was showing wear from my army case. Fast forward to 2010. I started playing alot again and going to tournaments and wanted to revisit my Crimson Fist project. Back in 2003 I collected up 50+ shoulder pads and 4 bottles of the old storm blue. After about 3 seconds of flipping threw the 5th edition SM codex I had decided Pedro would lead my force. I love the idea of scoring sternguard and after reading Rynn's World, I was sold, hook, line, and sinker.

I plan to run my list as a shoot/counter assault army. I have been playing Sister' of Battle for the past year and I love that style of 24inch range shooty with counter assault units. This list gives me better shooting and way better assault elements than my sisters list. Pedro make my sternguard scoring. He also gives me a pie plate for the first turn. The +1 attack aura he gives me, gives my assault elements a little more punch. Stubborn is nice also. Coming from sisters, I am very used to stubborn type forces.

Next up is the librarian. Sorry no picture as of yet. He is currently en route from the warstore. I was not going to run a librarian till recently, but after a RTT in Omaha and fighting daemons, the choice was easy. Now add in Grey Knights, and it is a must have now.

Tactically, my librarian is not going to be fighting unless all is lost. His powers are going to be Null Zone and maybe Avenger. I'm currently not a 100% sold on Avenger. Null Zone will make daemons and hammertime termies a much easier fight. I'll try to keep him in a razorback near by. Avenger will give me a template for pushing units off objectives in the later turns. His hood will come in useful also.

Next up will be my heavy choices... Hopefully my Warstore order will be in this week and I'll have pics up of those units.

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