Friday, March 4, 2011

This week in gaming.

This week has been pretty good for the old hobby. Last weekend I made the trip down to Omaha for a RTT at Game Shoppe. Only 9 people showed up for the RTT so with the ringer it was 10. I took my 1500 point sister's of battle list since they were still in the case packed from the week before. I literally wrote my list for the RTT at 6 am in the morning 5 minutes before I left for Omaha.

Here is a quick summary of the Rtt. The drive down was less than fun as we had some light snow. In the end it was an ok drive down with Interstates being fairly good. I got down there with plenty of time and set my army up. First game I drew to an Ork Mech force. He ran 2 battlewagons and 3 trucks plus lootas, and defcoppters. The mission was out of the battle missions book and it was not the best. In the end I held one objective, orks held one, and one contested. I hate defrollers....... Second battle was vs a drop pod space wolf force. I gave him a really goo run and was winning easy in the beginning but it was modified kill point mission with HQ's worth 3 points each and he got his 10 point kill point swing in a late turn for his win. Game 3 was vs the ringer deamon army. It was a good battle and I had him down to 3-5 models but it was a kill point mission and I started with my kp out numbering him 3-1. Another bad loss when I was close to tabling my opponent. Game 4 was vs an Eldar player and it was a modified objective game. You scored a point every turn u held an objective. He started on 3 of the 5 and I did not get to him till turn 3. Ended in a tie when he would have been tabled if we had time for one more turn. So 0-2-2 in a RTT where I played scenarios that really do my army no justice. On to the rest of the week....

Midweek was productive with some good painting and modeling progress on my Crimson Fists. I also did alot of research into Legends of the Old West game. Looks like I will get some minis and paint up a posse. The movie Tombstone being on also help this decision.

This week was also dominated by interest in the Bugeater GT this June in Omaha. There was lots of talk of it at the RTT and I got the bug and registered.

Hotel arrangements were also taken care of as Hulksmash of Dakka fame will be splitting the room with yours truly. Hopefully I can get a Friday game in against him. His rtt and GT records are very impressive and I would love to compare his ability to Bart and Taco of Paper Street fame from Sioux City.

Now here are some WIP pics of my Fists.

Painted and done minus basing is tactical squad #2.
Speeder #2 is assembled and 80% painted.
Razorback #1 of 4 is on its way for assembly.
Check them out....

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