Monday, March 14, 2011

This week in gaming

Thunder cats ho!!!

Last week was good practice for this week. I got a few things finished up painting wise and more stuff put together for my Fists army.

I went to see Battle Los Angeles Friday night and man it was a ride. I liked it alot. Simply a good war movie. Very rah rah go USA stuff.

Sunday I got off work early and did some good painting on tactical squad #2. I got razorback #1 and predator #2 assembled and ready for priming. I got a butt load of stuff primed and ready for painting tomorrow. Some pics of last weeks work...

pred #2

front is not attached as FW front will be replacing it.

Razor #1

FW doors will be used once they arrive.

Tactical squad #2, lead by Capt Cortez.

I also mentioned I did some priming. I switched primer and this was my first go with it. I had been using a primer from walmart. My awesome wife picked up a can of Army Painter primer last weekend when she was in Omaha. Thank you Game Shoppe for stocking it. This stuff is awesome. It coats so nice and leaves all the detail. I'm very glad I switched and I am going to check out the colored stuff next to see If I can use it to speed up my painting steps.

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