Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Road Trip!!

This weekend I am taking a road trip up to Minneapolis/Saint Paul for some casual gaming. What convention or tournament is going on you ask?.... Nothing but a weekend of games at a buddies house. We should almost call this trip Origins or something cool like that, as I'm going up to play at the house of the Dude that got me started in this hobby. This is almost a pilgrimage of sorts. My trip to the holy land, or more correctly, the Alpha Site!

This trip has been talked about for the 12 past years but has never materialized, until now. This weekend will see games of all kinds played. Mostly games from the past like Inquisitor, 2nd ed 40k, and a massive multi player game of Epic on Saturday! Zach will be making the trip up with me, and I must thank him as he was a driving force this weekend got planned and was followed through on. Thanks Zach!

Next week I hope to get tons of pictures, some video, and maybe a battle report or after action summary. Till then, remember the first time you played a miniature wargame. I will be, as I get to play games with some of the best guys in the hobby!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

6th Edition; First Thoughs

First off, I want to say I'm not an expert on 40k. I am not the best player, nor do I know all the tricks and best lists to use. I have been playing since 1998-99 right after 3rd edition came out. I do not remember the "Rogue Trader Days" but I do remember people saying the sky is falling after 3rd came out.

I remember when 3.5 was adapted. It was the trial assault rules and the vehicle fire points. 4th edition came and made them official. It also brought with it the entanglement rules for destroyed vehicles. gunlines were king, and Drop pod armies were pretty good. 5th edition came and brought the rise of cheap transports.

Through it all, my armies adapted, and changed. One thing you can count on during a new edition is the new rules made new troops or vehicles better that were maybe lacking in the last edition. 6th is no different. So after 4 games of 6th, it's time to put some thoughts to paper so to speak.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

6th Edition Plans: My Armies

It has been pretty quite around here lately. Work, home, and hobby have been stupid busy though. Then 6th edition 40k hit and , yeah, not much blogging done. After a couple 6th ed games in yesterday, and the start of moving stuff into my new game room, I am finally taking the time to get caught up here.