Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bugeater Gt unit break down part 1

Troops... For this list I'm only running 2 tactical squads. I figure with combat squading and the sternguard counting as scoring, I will have 3-6 scoring units. I should be pretty mobil too with both tactical squad having razorbacks. The plan is to hold with the missile launcher half of both squads and the sargent will take the razorback and support the rest of the army. Here is a break down of the squads and their upgrades.

10 man tactical squad- missile launcher, plasma rifle. Sargent with power fist bolt pistol.
razorback with double heavy bolter.

With the 2 tactical squad razorbacks and a razorback from the sternguard, I will have 3 twin linked heavy bolters. This plus my fast attack choice of speeders gives me my anti infantry. It also gives my 5 man squads some protection while sitting on objectives.

For my tactical squads, both will have missile launchers and plasma rifles. The missile launchers give me a couple down range shots vs vehicles and an option vs infantry. Its also the new The plasma rifles are not a popular chioce. I went with them to give me more ap 2 weapons for nids and hammertime units. I will run the 5 man as a missile/plas squad. The other 5 man will be the sargent and 4 regular troops. These guys will help out in assualts, contest objectives, and assualt vehicles of opportunity.

Whell thats my troop choices. Monday I will have my reasoning behind my elite choices. Feel free to ask questions or suggestions to make the list better.


  1. I think you might be a little ahead of the curve on plasma rifles. I have a feeling that when all the Grey Knight terminator parties come rocking to tournaments everywhere, that AP2 is going to look really nice. And assuming they park a storm shield in a squad, you'll need to generate enough AP1/2 hits to get past the wound allocation. We'll see though.

    I'm curious - would you consider squadding the plasma gun into your forward unit and keep your missile back?

  2. First thoughts were to leave them with the fire support unit. Razorback and sarg go foward to take objectives. Running him foward with the sarg might work if I was going to use them to control midfield. Leaving the missile back as support.

    Grey Knights will be annoying. I'm looking to get a Librarian into the list too. I think they are becoming a mandatory choice anymore.