Friday, November 18, 2011

Legion Games November RTT Report

Last weekend I made the 3.5 hour drive up to Minneapolis, MN for a local rtt at Legion Games. It was a 2000 point 3 game rtt with about 17-18 people. I took my wide and kids up with me, as the plan was for then to drive the couple blocks over to my sister's house to spend the day playing with their cousins. this Saturday of gaming went nothing like it was planned too........

This was my first time in their new store, and it was very nice. Plenty of space and a large number of tables. The drive up was uneventful and really very pleasant.

My first game, I was paired up against Tyler. I know Tyler simply by reputation of being a very good player. Next to Brad "Hulksmash", he was probably the 2nd best player there. He was also playing a very good tournament style SW list.

Things I can remember from his list:
2x Libby type characters
5 large units of grey hunters (8ish) in rhinos, 3 were las/plas razors
3x 5 missile longfangs
2 double HB speeders
wolf guard spread threw-out with pf.

Looking to sweep right here and push middle with TH termies and Ironclad Dread.

Lots of bodies, decent HtH in the units with mark of the wolfen, powerfist and banners in the units, plus 2x rune priests.

The game was about scoring points on objective each round after 3. I hoped to push the right and contest the middle. He played the middle and blocked my right. I simply got out played by a better list. His was very efficient and looked alot like Tony K (guy who won adepticon and Nova).

Next up was IG vehicle spam vs Jason. I had played Jason the last time I was up here and he is a great person to play. Unfortunately I never got to play Jason due to the mission. It was KP with the giant ice berg in the middle moving 2d6 every movement phase and doing str 7 hits to guys and str 7 2d6 armour penetration on vehicles. Before I moved the berg had killed my landraider and a bunch of termies. It was also in my way, blocking me from getting to the guard.

In his turn it moved onto my guys again and kill more termies, the vindi, the razorback, and some marines. We both realized the game was over and played it out anyways. I wished we would have just started over and played a normal game.

Last up was battlewagon orks. His list was pretty standard Internet list. He played it very well and truly deserved to win the game. The mission was to nominate one troop choice and the winner of the game was who ever was closest to the middle with it.

So I went 0-3 and really got out played in 2 games. I underestimated the competition up in Minneapolis as all my opponents had very good lists for their armies. I chose to take a rock army and got crushed like a rock army should vs those lists. So failsauce me!

Of the 3 missions, only mission one was fair for a tournament game. Mission 2 was total Failsauce and mission 3 was so so.

Also they had someone drop out after loosing game one. The store did not have a ringer and gave out bye's in round 2 and 3. I almost had to decide what I was going to do if I got the bye on round 3. Leave early, or stay for awards (not many painted forces there) and sit around for over 2 hours.

In the end I did not win best painted but got best sportsmanship. With the store credit I picked up a vindi. I wanted to get some Daughters of the Flame for my DCA but they did not have any.

Things I learned going up there......

1. I need to take A lists up there. There are too many good players and even the average players are playing very good lists. I also need to make sure I have my anti tank lists for up there.

2. I can not trust the missions from Legion Games. Homebrew for tournaments is bad. The missions were poorly written and very confusing. I had played 2 rounds before we were told it was Adepticon style not Nova style missions. They were labels primary, secondary, and tertiary.

3. Not well run events. Possability of driving up and getting a bye is failsauce.

So this week I assembled my new vindi. Other than that I was a little burned out on the hobby after the bad taste the rtt left. I have some good ideas to improve my lists and I'm looking forward to assembling some new units. I also have a better understanding of how I want my army to work. So lots of introspect this week. I should be posting up my thoughts later on what I will be playing in December. There is a rtt at Legion and at the Game Shoppe. Pretty sure I will be going to the Shoppe. Just to much to worry about at Legion.

Here are some shots of armies, tables, and players from the rtt.......

Hulksmash was playing Necrons. I think he won overall or best general.

Annialation barges are bigger than I thought they would be.

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