Saturday, November 5, 2011

What's Playing this Week!

This week I have some modeling and painting to do for an upcoming rtt in Minneapolis I'm going to. My painting always goes in spurts and this week will be no different.

The good thing about it this week, is all of my podcasts I listen to have new shows out! I have 8+ hours of entertainment to listen to while I paint this week!

First up is The Independent Characters episode 40. While it came out last week, I have been saving the joy of listening to it till I got time to paint. Zach also said he goes over our battle report from my Fists vs his Daemon in it too. Should be a good laugh since I got pretty crushed in that game!

Next on my list is the 11th Company's episode 92. I love this show and I get alot of good info from these guys. I consider them a must check out if you are looking for a good podcast.

40k Radio is taping and releasing their show on Sunday, which will work out for me. I think I'll throw it on my phone and listen to it on the way to Minneapolis.

Last but not least is The Imperial Vox Cast. I just put it on my phone so the trip to Minni will be enjoyable for sure.

Well that's what I'm listening too. Anyone else listen to these podcast or are their other good ones you like?

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