Thursday, November 10, 2011

SOLD OUT = Sad Panda

Sometimes life is not fair. This is a lesson I try to teach my kids so they may deal with disappointment. If only I believed my own lessons......

Adepticon this year was to be my pinnacle of hobbyness. This was my trip to Mecca, my pilgrimage to the Holyland. Life is not always fair.

I did not register the first day due to life, Halloween with kids, and the fact I needed to nail down my finances. In order to go to adepticon I was going to have to pick up a temporary part-time job to pay for it. Not a big deal but with me going back to college for a year next year, was necessary.

Fast forward to today, I now have a lead on a part-job and was looking to register......  O.o Say what!

I went to the sight only to find out the singles tournament is sold out. I later found out while listening to the Heroic 28's podcast that the team tournament and singles sold out in the first 24 hours......... Life sucks......

Sad pandas are not to be confused with HOTpandas.

So my schedule is still Con of the North in February, the Bugeater GT in June, and Iowa fire fighter's convention in September. There are lesser rtt tournaments but now I will have an extra week of vacation.

So my lemonade solution to these lemons I was dealt is to look at Nova, BoLscon, or Feast of Blades next year. Right now the only one in driving range is Feast.

Just shows the Midwest could use another major GT. More to come as the year goes forward.


  1. sweet, as that now solves my problem of having to make a decision on wanting to go to adepticon or start saving for a trip to Vietnam. I would however love to go to adepticon for the Kill Team event. Regards I'm still a HOTpanda.

  2. Yeah it answered some questions for me. Gladiator still has spots, but I would only go for team or individual.

    Vietnam would be cool! But I have lived a sheltered life here in Iowa!

  3. You should get on the waiting list. Last year, there were a ton of people on the waitlist, and everyone who wanted to got in.

    Like, they got in, and there were still not enough people there.

    Not that that's a guarantee, but it's been that way every year thus far.