Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Warning Will Robinson!!

It's been a weird weekend. Turkeyday was spent with the flu, and I had to work the weekend. To top it all off my phone and computer take a dump on me. So all my pictures and links are gone and I'm stuck on my wife's laptop. What else can December hold for me.......

Just jotting some stuff I'm thinking about on paper today. December will be a hectic month with the holidays, getting a new computer up and running, and our family will be moving the week before Christmas.

This is all going to affect my hobby time but all will result in better or more hobbying in the long run. My family and friends are now trained this year in the art of buying me hobby vouchers from the Warstore. This should help me finish getting the models I need for my Sister's of Battle redo.

A new computer is always a good thing. I just do not look forward to the re-entering of old links and the loss of army builder and other stuff I had downloaded.

The event that will kill my hobby the most this month will definitely be moving. Although we are literally only moving across the street, the fact that we are moving little bits at a time and there being no real big move day, will keep my hobby stuff boxed up and out of use.

So what does that mean for the blog? Well it means a slow down on WIP Wednesdays as I will not be painting as much. I will try to branch out and I have some ideas for some in depth articles. So stay tuned as I branch out into some opinion articles, tactics, and some general hobby and gaming advice I have picked up these 13 years I have been playing.

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