Monday, December 5, 2011

Word of the day: Scouting.

Lately I have been looking at sisters of battle lists, and one unit always seems to make it into my lists. Surprisingly it is not death cultists. Dominions are my unit of choice, and I have have been doing alot of thoughts on it. Scouting seems to be an important reason and an important tactic not used alot.

Scouting.... Few armies do it. IG vendettas are the most common. Ork deftchopters are the second most common. Storm ravens is another common unit you see scouting. So why am I even thinking about scouting and units that can scout?

Simple, board control and dictating what your opponent has to do. I have been playing space marines for a year now in the tournament environment, and one thing keeps poping up as I look back on games. I am always reacting to my opponent. My army was built defensively as a counter assault style. This was not a bad thing, but I want to change up my style. I want to dictate the game to my opponent. I want him to have to react to my units the first turn, and change his battle plan.

So this train of thoughts came about as I was thinking on how to arm my Dominions. 3 units of double melta Dominions in twin linked multimelta immolators is really scary. Not many armies can ignore this. Ork horde armies maybe, that's why I'm thinking I need some flamers too. My point is I made my opponent react.

Ork do the same thing. Most people react to how the ork army sets up. If they have chopters they have to worry about first turn assaults.

So I'm looking at my marines and thinking what can fill the Dominions roll. Looking through the codex I was drawn to land speeder storms. A couple five man units with a Sargent with a combi melta and melta bombs would be scary to vehicles. A multi melta on the storm is also nice and if I take Vulcan, the BS is not a problem. A second benefit is the scouts can assault out of the storm as it is open topped. If I do not need to scout move to destroy units the scouts are scoring units in a fast skimmer.

I think scouts are under used and can fill a roll vacant in the Marine army.

So stay tuned as I look at units and how I plan to use them.

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  1. What about the Shrike SM Scout army? All scouts so you can infiltrate, fleet, and charge turn 1. Of course if they are mech they can just go into reserves but heavy infantry lists have no such luxury. Going second is a totally different game plan though. Not so bad with cloaks and missiles but completely different strategy when going second.