Friday, September 16, 2011

Everyone Loves Free Stuff!!!

I think it's important to help new players get started in order to keep the hobby growing. This is really important when you are out here in the cornfields of Iowa, as there are not many hobby stores.

I recently found out a couple old friends are getting into the hobby and starting 40k armies. I'm pretty pumped with this, as they live close and this could materialize into some local gaming.

To help them out, 2 Cents On 40K is donating a starter AoBR ork army to one and a squad of tactical marines to the other. I am also going to donate my winnings from the MageCon RTT I recently won, a box of regular terminators!

I'm a believer in good karma and this can only help my local gaming scene. I also found out one of the guys I work with at my new job has an IG army. Hello hours of nerd talk at work!

This blog has also been doing real well. We are well over 10k views and followers are slowly creeping up. I did ok in House of Paincakes Idol contest, and now AdSense is making us some money, so keep clicking those ads. As a big thank you to everyone that reads this blog, we will be doing a give away in the near future.

Remember to help your local new players out if you can. Also remember to help us out and click those ads, so we can give away some cool stuff. Details should be up later this week.


  1. I absolutely agree with you 100%. I gave away a Prussian and FSA fleets from Dystopian Wars recently to some local gamers at two different clubs. Turns out that those clubs have now grown into quite good Dystopian Wars scenes so its kinda worked out well for me because I now have 28 new opponents altogether. Also Mike McVey did something really ace for me:

    Sorry for the shameless blog plug, but it really is an awesome story and it made my day to know there are still nice people out there on planet earth.

  2. Shameless plugs are no problem. I got you added to my blog roll and it gave me some good reading this weekend. :)

  3. awesome glad you liked it... and I think its a shame you appear to be heading out of HoP Idol, unless you won immunity.

  4. I have given a bunch of space marine stuff to my friends to get them into 40k. It worked out most of the time. I built many loaner armies which seem to work better. I think the guys get a feel and then can buy what works for them.