Thursday, September 29, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Wrath of Khan and Bugeater Gt 2012

Hey everybody. Wednesday came and went, and my post got lost in the warp. So we are blogging on Thursday! Big news this week, some good hobby progress, and Games Day UK news. So let's jump right in..........

Lloyd getting his Best Painted Mini award from Tim. 2011 BeGT
 Good news was found on Dakka this week with the release of the Bugeater GT 2012 dates. Looks like I'm driving to Omaha June 1st-3rd. Things to note is the better date, ie not on the same weekend as the College World Series, early planning by the crew as they listen to what was good and bad  from last year (thumbs up guys), and finally early registrations.

With it not being on the College Word Series this year, hotels are looking a little cheaper than last. First looks at the hotel we stayed at last year sees a nice $99 per night vs the $130 we paid last year. I looking at booking 3 rooms in the next couple weeks. This time down, I'm going to see if we can organize a bigger group to stay at the same place and have a good time. So contact me if you want to split a room with some buddies of mine and we will get you a spot.

Next bit is just a thank you to Tim for listening and wanting to improve on his already awesome event! The dude knows how to run a tournament! My only request was an extra row of tables or a spot to put your army on while playing. Maybe a table shared by 2 or something. Just need some real estate to plop my display board on.

Lat up on the Bugeater news is they are taking preliminary registrations for 2012. This is to get an early head count and help them with getting prise support and such. First reports are that 60% of the preregistered are new to the Bugeater. Looks like we will see well over the numbers from last year. So hope on over and get your spot. Preregistering does not commit you to paying the entry fee at this time, it is just to give them early numbers for attendance.

Hobby Progress.........

I can't wait to yell "Khan!" when I field him at the Khornehusker RTT.
Hobby progress this week is limited to my work on Kosarro Khan for my Khornehusker RTT list. He is pretty much done at this point, but I may go back an touch up a spot or two. I also started working on my 10 man scout squad. These guys are going to take longer than I thought. Their is alot of detail and doodads on these guys. I hope to have 5 done and be 1/2 finished with the squad by next Wednesday.

I hope to get a game in vs Zach with my Khornehusker list too before the RTT. If it plays like my expectations, I might settle on this for my core list for the Bugeater GT and Adepticon. I want to add 2 vindicators for 1850, but that's for another article. To the WIP pictures...............

Khan "counts as". Captain of the 2nd Company of the Crimson Fists.


  1. Heh, I'm planning on being there (the Bugeater). Sounds like they'll be running another good event this year. Last time I spent like $200 to get there/sleep/play/eat. Pretty good for a 7-hour drive :)

  2. Thanks for the plug for the Bugeater! Always appreciated. We're 1/3 pre-registered now, and nearly 2/3rds of the pre-registrants did not attend last year. That's largely (in my opinion) to guys like you, Xaereth, and others blogging about the event and helping me get the word out.

    Oh, and, "KHAAAAANNNNNNN!"