Monday, September 5, 2011

My weekend, a tale of two cities!

It's early Monday morning, and my wife will kill me for being up still. But I had one up and down weekend, and sleep is just not coming to me tonight.. ur this morning, whatever.

Example of a trophy wife in Iowa.

My army did really well at Mage Con this weekend. I took best overall in the RTT. I also would have took best painted but one award per army and all... I went 3-0 with one major win and two minor wins. I never played the best general due to pairings on the last round.

He played IG mech and played a 2-0 daemon player the last round. I guess he had more battle points than me (7 more according to him), but my painting crushed his non painted army for the win!

Lots of nice guys there and I had 3 really fun games. Thanks goes out to Mike for listening to me about clicking ads. I'll be able to do a giveaway soon now cause we made some money!

And the low for the weekend is my HoP Idol dreams are coming to an end. Sadly I'm the low man in the vote, and only immunity can save me now.

I'll admit, I'm a little sad to maybe be leaving. I wrote my last article which will go up later this week at House of Paincakes. I also had to write a Hiku poem about our favorite army. I really hated this challenge but after writing it, really liked what I wrote. It will be going up as part of my blog's page after the week.

I wish the rest of the guys still in good luck. I only write in my blog to keep me painting. To be included up to this point, has given me great pride in my blog and articles.

Hopefully HoP will put me on his blog roll now. I'll take the pity roll, I have no pride! :)

I'm off Tuesday for Firefighters Convention on the other side of Iowa. I'll be gone till Sunday, so not much will be up on the blog till then. 10th anniversary for 9-11 is next weekend so that will be the focus of my week.

Never Forget


  1. Inquisitor you can hold your head up high as far as I'm concerned. I've personally enjoyed reading your articles! Now I know that's not the biggest or best ringing endorsement... but what the hell... I care about what I think ;)

    Have to say I'm surprised you're going this week if it is the case that you don't get immunity. I took a fair bit out of your hobby article and you inspired me to buy some spray on stone effect for some scenery I'm doing so thanks.

  2. Cool, and ty. I was honored to be in good company, even if for a little while.

    Watch the spray. It has a longer drying time as it applys a little thicker than a primer ot paint. Stays tacky longer.

    Good luck in the Idol.

  3. Yeah I've read the instructions first (I know not a very manly thing to do!!!) but the effect isn't too bad and it doesn't destroy the foam in the middle of foam board, which is great for scenery building. Sadly given the awful news Deathtron has had it doesn't look like we're going to find out the immunity any time soon, but lets face it, it's not exactly important in the grand scheme of things now is it? I still can't believe you're not on the blog roll, have you emailed and asked to be put on?