Thursday, September 1, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Flight of the Raven.

Man where does time go. This week flew by and I feel I did alot but not much to show. Highlights included watching a couple matches this weekend on Skype of the Nova Open, some hobby work on my Storm Raven, and played a game. Continue on for the break down to the nitty gritty....

Hobby wise, this week was light. I worked on assembling my storm raven. I did convert one of my heavy flamer immolates to heavy bolters after writing up my new WD sister's list.

Thursday I drove over to Zach's house for a game. Zach is sometimes on The Independent Character podcast when skype is working for them. I took my Sisters of Battle using the old witchhunter rules for the last time. We played 1750 and Zach ran a dakkafex heavy stealer list. I was doing ok till my canoness's decided to both check out on easy rolls and he had the edge from there. I made some mistakes and Zach is a good player. I had a blast and hope to get over there again in a couple weeks.

Last weekend the Nova was happening. I spent Friday watching matches on Skype that the 11th company put up. They did an awesome job and it was entertaining. I really wished I could have been there for it.

Loved the live feed games by the 11th Company!

Saturday I was off to my cousin's wedding. Funny thing about it was a few of us watching a Nova match on my phone at the reception! Family events will be alot more fun now that I know a few of my cousins play.

Sunday night I got home and read my email, only to find out I'm still in House of Paincakes Idol contest. That was the good part, the bad part was I needed 2 articles for Monday! I did it but I'm not super happy with my main one. So vote for me if you want to make me stress out on more articles!

MageCon RTT put on by PSP gamers.

Last up is MAGEcon this weekend. I'm planning on going over Saturday for their RTT. I have a base to paint for my attack bike and a set of rhino doors to change over one of my razors. Look for a write up and pictures of the con next week.

Need to finish that door tomorrow.

Base for my attack bike. Need to finish for Saturdays rtt.

Last but not least, CLICK THOSE ADS! please. I'm thinking of spending it on something to give away. Maybe a model or a book or something. SO CLICKY CLICKY!

As always thanks for reading and feel free to comment. Guess I spent my 2 cents........

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