Monday, August 29, 2011

HoP Idol Quickfire contest entry! New SoB List

2000pt WD Sisters of Battle: "Boys and Toys" List

It has been finally completed. The master piece work of art that my fellow Sisters of Battle get stuck with for the foreseeable future. That's right, the White Dwarf codex is complete. After reading it, I can see it was not the fully operational death star we all hoped for. Heck it wasn't even better than the old codex in my opinion.

Ok, the crying is over and I have thrown a list together using my army collection. I do not want to invest in alot of new models, but still want it to be some what competative. Here goes nothing........


Uriah Jacobus (He will be in every sisters army.). 90pt

Battle Conclave- 6 death cult assasins, 3 crusaders, rhino (UJ rides here). 170pt

Arch-Confessor Kyrinov (Personally I think he is a better buy than a canoness, plus more DCA!).  90pt

Battle Conclave- 6 death cult assasins, 4 crusaders, rhino.  185pt


(9) Celestians- heavy flamer, flamer, power sword on the superior, rhino (Kyrinov will probably ride here). 210pt


(10) Battle Sisters- multimelta, flamer, combi-melta, rhino.  150pt

(10) Battle Sisters- multimelta, flamer, combi-melta, rhino.  150pt

Fast Attack

(5) Dominion Squad- 2x meltas, immolator with twin heavy flamers.  155pt

(5) Dominion Squad- 2x meltas, immolator with twin heavy flamers.  155pt

(5) Dominion Squad- 2x meltas, immolator with twin heavy flamers.  155pt

Heavy Support

Exorcist  135pt

Exorcist  135pt

(5) Retributors- 4x heavy bolters, immolator with twin heavy bolters and inferno bolts.  150pt

I only have to add the 2 battle conclaves and 2 rhinos as I have the rest already. I'm staying away from adding "real" sisters units for now. Yes, I'm hoping for plastics in the next year or two.

I think it is better than some old lists I ran. The addition of scout units will realy help the army. I also get the bonus of 2 mini hammer units. I just don't know if they will have the staying power.

So what do you think? Can Sisters compete? Go ahead and add your 2 cents!


  1. Yes, they can compete! But they will have a harder time of it than the previous codex; much harder to do the 'jack of all trades' play style that the Witch hunter's sisters were used to.

    The problem with the new list is well, people can guess what the strategy is just by glimpsing the roster. The immolators flank, DCA rush forward, Exorcist stay back and shoot, and the retributors are anti-hoard. All and good, but any competent general can counter all of these.

    The key to the sisters' teeth is that we are a rare army, and most won't know what we can do. So my question is, what are the tactics of the above list? Rhinos can get shot up really quickly, and the enemy will target the DCA's & exorcists first. For a Sister player to survive one needs a strategy to counter the enemy's target priority.

    For example, one of my tactics is I play a shell game with Jacobus; I leave a open spot in some of my immolators/rhinos and he switches units/vehicles throughout the game with the intention in the end game phases to be with the DCA, but never starts with them. I do this to split my enemy's fire if he wants to take out both Jacobus and the DCA.

    My two pennies ^ ^


  2. Good comments. I have not played it yet so my tactics are .... incomplete. My thought is to take midfield while trying to pop armour with the scouting Doms and Exorcists. The DCA will be held for counter charging as that is my normal tactics.

    Hopefully I can get a game or two in and give a better answer to your question.

    I think sister's finally have the tools they need to win, just not any extra cool tools either.