Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIP Wednesday!! Ard Boyz Prep LOL

It was a good week with me getting time to work on some models a couple days in a row.

Thursday I managed to get a game in and met a pretty cool dude. Here is the link to my experience there.

The weekend was pretty loaded with family stuff but I got a chance Monday and Tuesday to throw some paint on my extra 5 terminators for my Crimson Fists.

I like the way the hammers look. On the table they look nice.

I want to use them in my Ard Boys list and want a little paint on them. I think they will be all done except for basing.

WIP terminator next to finished lightning claw terminator.

I also worked a little bit on my attack bike. I got the golds, silvers, and black washes done on it.

Bad light, but I like the way the bike is looking. I will add a bike element in the future.

I also got my HB speeder converted over to heavy flamer/multi melta. I hope to finish painting it up next week.

I hope to get some paint on these 2 before Saturday. They are my extra 2 Honor Guard. Could be tight.

Future Honor Guard.

Lots of little touch up projects left to do. I'm pushing to finish these up before throwing paint on Project Khornefield.

More honor guard.

I just really liked the model. Just for fun?

I'm hoping to get full army pictures taken of all my models. Look for these in the next couple weeks. Oh, and good luck at Ard Boys for those going!

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