Thursday, August 4, 2011

WIP Wednesday on Thursday...?

Another Wednesday, oops Thursday, means an update on whats been going on around here.

Painting wise, I got some colors on my terminators. Need to get the gold and silvers on and wash them black.

Got a good start on the attack bike also. It is at the same stage as the terminators.

I took off the heavy bolters on my Speeder #2. I'm going to go with multi melta up top. On the bottom I'm thinking about magnetizing a missile launcher from the Drop pod set to make a typhoon. I'll also magnetize a heavy flamer for switching out.

Also changed this old Salamander's speeder.
 Worked on getting some of my terrain put together for use. I have a game scheduled and he had a table but no terrain built. I'm probably going to run something similar to my Bugeater list. We are going to play 1850, and I do want to play with painted stuff if possible.

 Hopefully some pictures will be taken and maybe a battle report written. I'm looking forward to the Independent Characters next podcast. It's about gaming in the home and what is expected when hosting and when visiting. It will also be about setting up the game room. I'm looking forward to this episode because my idea for the contest was the game cave. If only I would have expanded my idea out more, doh.

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