Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Army Spotlight: Crimson Fists

Eye candy time! I got a good number of pictures taken today and I want to do an article on each of my armies. Basically this will just be a bunch of eye candy for you. As I add units, I may come back and add pictures, giving me a place readers can view my stuff.

The Crimson Fists

This is my current painted Crimson Fist Army. This project started in 2004 at the Minneapolis GT. I was not happy with my armies at the time and wanted to paint something to a higher standard. I knew at that time, I could not paint shoulders and vehicle emblems freehand.

Yeah, I'm a dork and still have my passes for the 2003-2004 GT.

 I decided on CF since they were some of the first metal shoulder pads and Forge World doors made. I could paint raised surfaces pretty good and the colors were different from my Salamanders and Sister's of Battle. I collected all the shoulders I could and a bunch of the tactical metal shoulders too.

Fast forward to 2010. After coming back to 40k after a 4th edition "break", I wanted a project to paint. I found podcasts relaxing to paint to and blogs were cool too. 2 projects was born from that moment in time, my Crimson Fists and 2 Cents on 40k. My blog was started to post pictures of stuff I was working on and to motivate me to paint up a new army.

5th edition drew me back in. Love it!

My Fists were to be my tournament army. The one that would score well enough to give me a chance to win a GT or a RTT. An army, I would be proud of to display and get some ogling over.

So in June I finished my first 1850 points worth of Fists. Now I can easily field 2500-3000 points with more still being planned and painted. So here they are in one place for all to see.........

Chapter librarian and my Capt Cortez of the 4th company.

My fast attack section.

My drivers have tech marine shoulder pads.

Yeah, 3 predators!

Plans are in the works to get the 3 vindicators running.

My Ironclad with drop pod. I love this guy! He has done so well for me.

Land Raider Invictus.

Just back from seeing action at Ard Boyz 2011.

My 5 man Assault Terminators. Loved them so much, I have 5 more in the shoot.

Pedro's Sternguard. I can run them in one 10 man or 2 smaller squads.

Pedro's Honor Guard. These guys put out a ton of power weapon attacks. Fast becoming a favorite of mine.

I have 2 full tactical squads. My computer fu lost the pictures of the second.

Thanks for looking. Still to come......Sister's of Battle, Order of the Ebon Chalice....and  my first Salamander's army.


  1. Looking good! I look forward to killing them all (or at least trying my hardest to kill them) at the next bugeater :-p

  2. Thanks. I got full painting points at Bugeater and that is what I was going for. Now I need to work on the playing part, as my day 1 was not so good.

  3. Your army is fantastic looking, good job :) I was curious what color(s) you used for the blue, I'm looking to paint my Fists a similar blue and would like to borrow your color.

  4. I have some of the old GW storm blue. I don't think they make it anymore. I also have a supply of blue GW ink that I add a little to the paint.

    Drybrush enchanted blue then washed with azure wash. Highlight with regal and enchanted again.

    Storm blue is a real purplish color when put on black primer. When I run out I'll look at regal blue or a darker one.

    Red is just Red gore over black primer, then badab black washed. Rehighlight red gore then blood red.