Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gamers; some of the nicest people!

I recently made a trip to play a game of 40k vs someone I had only "met" on the internet. Lately all my games have been at tournaments or arranged to be played at a store/neutral site. What I experienced was that sometimes it really pays to go out of your comfort zone and just take a chance.

Thursday I drove an hour to get a game in. As there are not to many options or 40k players out here in the Midwest, I took the initative to try and set up a game. What I got was a very competitive and fun game, and one of the best hosts I have ever encountered.

Sad panda, this was the only picture I took all night.
The story starts off with me asking Zach if he wanted to get a game in sometime. He replied he would and had a space for it but was light on terrain. Sweet, I have some terrain that could work, so we set a time and I loaded up the Blazer for the road trip.

Now this is where I can not say enough about my host. He had clearly taken the time to plan out the room with the table and making sure there was chairs. I think he even went out and got an air conditioner for the space, not sure on that though.

We threw some of my make shift terrain down (I need to do some modeling/painting on terrain) and we talked for a long time before even playing. I can not count how many times he offered me something to drink.

Long boring story later is I loose to Blood Angles on roll dice and tie on a turn 5 storm raven turbo boosting onto my objective. I really wanted to kill the thing from turn 2 on. It just would not die. It was a great game with me getting some lucky rolls on a krak grenade vs death company dread and him missing alot of difficult terrain rolls. With some tweeks to my list this could have been a different game, but he is a very good player also.

I am really glad I made the trip. Zach went out of his way to host, and I don't think I would have met him only playing tournaments around here. Hopefully we can get another game in when he gets back into town. This time I'll get more pictures!!

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