Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Revisiting The Sponsorship Debate

So I wrote an article for my blog a while back on 40k sponsorships and players. I recently had to use the article for House of Paincakes Idol contest and it got me thinking more on the subject.

Now before everyone flips out, I'm looking to get some good feedback for or against. Let's keep it civil and make good arguements for or against. My goal is to revist the topic and maybe use the opinions and arguements here.

Some recent events makes me think this is happening faster than we all realize.

TOPIC: sponsorship for players and tournaments?

Do you think companies paying players to wear advetising or use their bags is good for the hobby?

What about companies sponsoring tournaments?

Things that recently that got me thinking it is on it's way.

Someone paid for Stelek's trip to Nova this year. I know of bunch of other's that have recieved free addmission to certain tournaments to get their name attached to the tournament. I'm not condeming, just making an observation. Heck, I wish it was me!

Space Marine the video game flew out several bloggers to review their game. Video interview with them showed BoLS, 40k radio, and Minniwargaming to name a few.

Battlefoam banner at Adepticon 2011.

Podcasts are sponsoring up. I know it takes revenue to do what you guys do. I'm not condeming just observing. The bag companies are evenly split on their podcast sponsorships. Painting companies are all out there too. Is is a coincedence all the podcasts are getting new sponsors now or are companies making an advetising "push" to get their name out there?

I wish mine made this much. Some I bet do. Click those ads!

Blogs, they all seem to have started using adsense or a version of it. I know I did. Can you blame me? They want to pay me money. Money I used to buy models. So click those ads please, I need a new landraider!!

Heck, I know my local RTT at Con of the North in Minneapolis has been sponsored by The Source Game Store for 11 years!

USA ETC team.

Here is one area we need sponsorships. Team USA should have sponsorships to make sure we are sending the best players, not just the ones that can afford to go to Europe.

What do you think? Are we becoming more like NASCAR with ads everywhere? Will it get worse? Is it bad or good for the hobby?


  1. In regards to the ETC luckily they are for the most part one and the same. All of those players are probably at least in the top 10% of US 40k players. They have two rotating spots for people who have won major events like Adepticon Championship and things like Nova or Wargamescon.

  2. True, but what if new players become the top 10% Just thinking out loud here.