Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday, All Faired out!

Wednesday already? Holy cow this week flew by! Well, here's what I got done and what I was up to this week......

Thursday kicked off our local fair. It's not a county fair but has been around along time. Rumor was Marcus wanted to be the county seat but lost out to Cherokee. So our fair competes with the county fair every year, ps ours is better too. But what does that have to do with gaming, not much.

It did kill my hobby time as they also had an all school reunion. Some of my best friends from high school came back we drank till 4am. I also had to run water fights Sunday for the fire department.

So, back to hobby stuffs..... Well I went to Ard Boyz Saturday, and placed 4th. I got full points the first game, gave up a minor win but snagged a bonus point in game two. Game three I got smashed and ended the day with 27. Weird thing about Sioux Falls was no one was winning big since I played on table 1 on my final game and finished 4th with 2 losses. Oh well, I have schedule conflicts in September and could not go to the semi's anyway.

Painting wise I did get some work done late last week before the fair. I got some base paint and washes on my 2 new Honor Guard. Highlights and a few details are still left. I'm painting a new chapter champion for the squad. I'm going with an Emperor's Champion theme. Crimson Fists being a second founding chapter of Dorn's Imperial Fists regularly fielded Emperor's champions.

I also got my attack bike pretty close to finished. It needs more high lighting and should be easy to punch it home.

I found some good buys on Ebay and look forward to painting up the Scout Squad. I was looking for the old metal ones as I like them better than the new plastic. The hands are just off on the new ones.

Other things of note this week, I watched The Eagle, and Season of the Witch. I really liked the Eagle and spent some time looking at Perry Miniature Romans. I might paint some up for fun.

 Hopefully some Sister's of Battle info will be out next week. I want to start repainting my sister's army. I also want to get army pictures of everything I own. I think it would make for a good article or two plus I need it for the insurance company.

Well there my 2 cents for this week.

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