Sunday, August 7, 2011

Project Khornefield

Its official! Project Khornefield has begone with the first purchase. Army list looks good and the price breakdown looks surprisingly cheap for a 40k army..

I'm really looking at a Worldeaters army. I was tempted to do the regular chaos marines as Black Legion but with Chaos Legions book rumoured to be next spring, sticking to one legion may help my army cross over.

First choice was colors. I wanted a red, purple, yellow, or white army. I currently have my Salamanders (green), Crimson Fists (blue), and my Sister's of the Ebon Chalice (white and black). Yellow or white are very hard colors to paint and I was not sure I can pull it off. Purple was very Slaneesh and just not what I wanted. Red is a good color for me as I have some practice after painting Crimson Fists. With gold being the trim color, they should look very striking on the field.

I still have not decided on a basing style. I'm leaning towards a jungle theme with lots of browns and greens, or snow covered ground. I would go with whites and browns again there. Resin bases are a must for me, but I have not picked which ones yet. More research is needed here.

Army list is pretty much flushed out. I think it will be competitive and I know it will play the way I want it to. I wanted a assault heavy, moving forward force, I did not want any units that hang back, but I realised I did need some more anti-tank. Here is a quick run down of what I'm looking to pick up for this army to start it off...

Chaos terminator Lord with twin lightning claws.
Kharn the Destroyer. He is an old model but I really wanted to paint him up.

4 chosen terminator champions. 3 with lightning claws and one with combi-melta and chainfist. These guys will ride with the lord in their Land Raider.

9 Khorne Beserkers with skull champion. Power weapon and rhino for the squad.
9 Khorne Beserkers with skull champion. Power fist and rhino for the squad.

10 Chaos space marines with 2x meltas and mark of Khorne. Aspiring champion with power sword and rhino for the squad.

9 Chaos space marines with 1x melta and mark of Khorne. Aspiring champion with power sword, combi-melta and a rhino for the squad.

2x vindicators

I hoping the vindicators get shots turn 1 and 2. After that I should be in deep with my assault forces, and they can look for targets of opportunity.

Chaos Space Marine battle force.
 Price wise this army is looking like a steal. I can use 100% of the chaos battle force with a few bits off ebay saving a ton of money.

I think I can take the possessed and convert them back to regular marines. This gives me the 2 squads of 10 I need. If I pick up a box of 12 beserkers, the 8 I get in the battle force will work out perfect.

I did some price totals using a 20% discount which I know a couple places I can get. The total cost for models comes to a reasonable $346.30. This has not taken shipping or extra bits into the total. I know I will add $33 in world eater shoulder pads, and Forge world shoulders and doors for the vehicles will cost a pretty penny. Resin bases will also add to the final price. I'm estimating another $250 for these items running my total to around $600. This total is about $400 under what my Crimson Fists ended up costing. This project is also going to be spaced out over a good amount of time, so this army will not be purchased all at once, but in smaller increments.

I'm pretty stoked for this army as I think this is the style I want to play at this time. My Fists play  more towards the shooty style and sisters are in limbo atm.

That's my plans so far, any comments on the list or plans?

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