Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday; Surviving the Hobby Break!

GO STATE! 44-41 3OT WIN!

What a week! Big weekend is over for me, but not alot of hobby progress to report.

The week started off with my wife and I heading to Monticello, IA for Iowa Firefighters Association Convention.

Beer tabs collected at convention by one Department! Yeah, we drank a bit.
We spent Tuesday through Sunday relaxing and just enjoying the awesome weather we had! Convention was a blast with highlights being: stop-n-go juice, stealth golf cart runs (LOL), awesome 9/11 tribute with a piece of the trade centers, fire truck parade, water fights, and Iowa State beating Iowa 44 to 41 in triple over time!

Man of Steele!

2 and 0 and beat Iowa and UNI!

Lining up for leaderline competition.

Oyens Ladder 35 golf cart!

So Monday came and I started a new job. Till I get my schedule figured out, my hobby progress may suffer. On a good note, I meet some new players very close to my area. Hopefully this means the start of some local games!

Hobby progress was just some assembly work. I have been toying with the idea of running Vanguard in my Pedro list. They are pretty cheap if they are kept basic and have a good number of attacks each (2 base + extra hand weapon).

I have also wanted to convert up models for all the special characters. I have Pedro and Lysander already painted up as Crimson Fists, but I also want to do the others. I have a model for Cato Sicarious, and now I converted up a Chaplain Cassius model.

Cassius comes with a combi-flamer, and this was an interesting conversion. I think I found a good way of doing combi-flamers using just a flamer and a bolter. I need to work on my green stuffing ability though.

Here is my loot from winning best overall at Mage Con 2 weeks ago. Universal Bits and Games had a tote full of box sets week got to pick from. This was one of the only space marine ones I saw so I grabbed it. I had $10 left over and gave it to a 10 year old that won best sportsmanship. :) Not sure what I will do with regular terminators. I may sell them, turn them into assault terminators, or just build the regular ones for a change of pace. If I build them, then I will need some forge world shoulders pads and maybe some resin bases.

On the horizon is the Outlander's Khornehusker RTT. It's October 15th and runs 1750 in points. It's looking pretty good that I will be able to drive down for this. This is looking like the last good tournament for a while though in my area. I might have to look to Minneapolis for a November/December tournament.

Well that's my 2 cents for this week.

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