Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday: CF scouts and Sisters Plans

This week was a tough one. I finally got my color scheme down for my Crimson Fists scouts. I also spent some time on planning the Sisters of Battle rebuild. With the new codex, I have to add some new units and other changes were needed.

With the Sisters of Battle's new white dwarf codex, my army needs a little over haul to be fieldable again. This week I spent some time planning out all the changes that were needed and some that I have wanted to make for a while.

These daughters of the Flame from Warmachine will make awesome DCA!

First up was the new units needed, Death Cult Assasins!! Yip these guys rock and I'll be adding 2 units to my army. I have a good plan on what models I will use for them too. I'm going to go away from the GW ones and use an alternate model. I will have GW ones for tournaments that require GW models but those are getting few and far between.

These Sisters of Sigmar from Morhiem will make nice crusaders.

For my 3-4 crusaders, I'm looking at using Sisters of Sigmar from the Morhiem range. I am looking for a good shield bit with a chalice on it to use with them.

I'll also need to add 2 rhinos for these 2 units. If I can convert my old exorcist models back into rhinos, I may. I want to go with a different conversion. My old ones are old whirlwind conversions on the small rhino chassis. I may just pick up 4 immolator kits and do both the right way.

This version uses the whirlwind kit. I may use the Valkyrie missile pods instead.
 I also need to pick up a Jacobus model. He is pretty straight forward and I like his old model. After that, I will have to decide when I will start stripping my sisters and repainting them. I may just wait for the codex release late next year and pick up new plastic sisters. More expensive but new shinnies are always nice.

As for painting this week, I got my 1st scout done. I had some painting block with him as I did not know how I wanted to progress with colors. In the end, I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. Now to crank out 9 more before the 14th!

Sargent "yet to be named" of my assault scout unit.

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