Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Khornehusker 2011

Ok I finally got this written. I spent yesterday in bed fighting of some kind of bug. I guess that's what you get after handling pictures of zombies!

Lots of Tau players. 3 I think!

Last weekend the family and I went down to Omaha. My wife thought it was to see her sister, but I went for the Khornehusker Indy RTT!

Early Saturday morning I headed out to play a 1750 point RTT in an assisted living facility of all places, that's a nursing home. As weird as that was, it was a very nice place to play at. Workers were very kind and helpful, like they were wooing us to come stay with them...

Very nice Space Wolves Spartan army. Best overall.

 After looking over some of the armies, I knew I would be in the running for best painted as only 4-5 were completely painted. The ones that were looked very nice though, so tough competition!

Beau's IG. Very nice army. I played him in round 6 of the Bugeater last year. Great guy to play.

Before the tournament started I got a chance to talk to Tim Royers. He runs the Bugeater GT and we talked about how planning was coming for next year. We also drooled a little bit over the new Necron pictures that were released last weekend.

He is a quick breakdown of what I brought....

Pedro and Khan
5 Honor guard in a Razorback
Ironclad in Drop pod
5 lightning claw terminators
5 storm shield terminators
10 man tactical squad in rhino
10 assault scouts
2 multimelta/heavy flamer speeders
multimelta attack bike

Basically a 3 rock army.

Game 1 I got matched up vs BA sanguinary guard list. He ran the Sanguinator, Dante, 4 units of sanguinary guard, 2 priests, and a 5 man mixed assault termie unit.

I was initially worried if my assault list could compete vs an assault list. In the end it could and my dice would help out too.

He deep struck in and the highlights of the game was my scouts putting 2 wounds on the Sanguinator before dieing, and my assault LC termies getting hit by 2 guard units and making 6 out of 7 invaul saves! They proceeded to wipe both units and the route was on. My TH/SS termies took care of Dante and his squad and the rest of his army folded to shooting and combined assaults.

Result game 1 was a win with 25 points. (won the primary, secondary, and tertiary)

Tim's skaven Tau WIP. Cool concept, I can't wait to see them when they are done!

Second game I got paired vs Tim and his skaven Tau. I took Khan for just this sort of matchup so I could outflank and get to him. Not sure if it will work any more.

Tim set up and highlights of this game were m scouts failing all 10 cover saves they had to make and dieing top of turn 1. My drop pod and dread dieing bottom of turn 1 to marker lights and shooting, and the rest of my army trickling in over turns 2-4. In the end I had a slim chance, I lost 9 to 6 in kill points with it win by 3. But I was down 3 kill points right away turn 1. We tied on the secondary witch was objectives and he won the tertiary witch was table quarters.

So game 2 was a loss but I picked up 4 points on the secondary tie. Here's hoping for good painting scores!

My opponent game 3 and best sportsman!

Game three I faced a mixed Marine list. It was a super tough fight as my dice had gone totally south. We tied on the primary (objectives), but I won the secondary (table quarters) by zooming a speeder 24 inches on turn 5 into an open quarter. He won the tertiary (kill points). Score 14 points for me!

Woot another award for my Crimson Fists! Money was put towards a new vindicator.

 I scored 90 battle points and tied for 3rd. I won best painted. Overall winner score 114 I think. Tim, my second round opponent, got 2nd, and my third round opponent took home best sportsmanship!.

The winners podium.

In the end it was a great, relaxed, little tournament. I had a blast playing some really good players. I have to say the overall quality of players in Omaha is really good. Some of the toughest competition is there and Minneapolis for RTT's.

Everyone at the RTT!

Next on the list of tournaments for me is Legion Games in Burnsville, MN in November and then the Game Shoppe in December. He are some more pictures randomly taken at the Khorehusker....

I really wanted to play on this table and drive on the road. Alas it was not meant to be.


One GK player. Go go local meta!

Overall good terrain.

Necron sighting! Must have been the pictures that brought him out.

Thanks to all that made this tournament happen. Feel free to steal the pictures and reuse them as you wish!


  1. Thank Josh for taking the pictures. I have stolen them per your request for my records :-).

    Glad you had a great time too.


  2. Nice report, I really enjoy reading little reports like this, that capture the flavor of the event, without spelling it all out.

    Congrats on the best painted result, I'll have to take a closer look at your army at the next Bugeater - I'm still surprised at my own result there :-p

  3. Thanks. I really like this "style" of reporting the rtts. I have trouble getting pictures taken and writing up long BR is not my cup of tea.

    Easier to just get some overall pictures and short what happened reports. I would like to get some video interviews with players though. Goals for next time.