Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friday Night battle summary..

It's been 12 or so hours since my game last night at Zach's house, and I thought I would jot down some thoughts on my army and how it all went down.

We got a late start on the game, as usual, due to us chatting for a good couple hours . Zach was a great host and his game table is coming along by leaps and bounds. He even went so far as to stock a 12 pack of Dt Coke for me. He had also picked up the Dread Fleet game.

I must say this game exceeded any expectation I had for it. While we did not get to play (assembly required), the models are simply some of the best stuff GW is putting out. They really are the leader in plastic models.

We eventually set up for a 1750 game. It was capture and control with spearhead deployment. Zach choose to play his Khorne Daemons and I was running my Khornehusker RTT Pedro/Khan list. I choose to go with Pedro's tactics since I thought scoring units would be necessary.

First thing I learned about my list was it has tons of options in deployment. I have infiltrators, outflanking, deep striking, and scouting options. The question I thought of just now is, "can a scouting unit embark in its scout move?". I'll have to look that one up.

Objectives were placed in opposite corners, his in a bunker, mine on the 3rd floor of a ruin. First turn saw me splitting my forces with Khan and Honor Guard , sternguard with Pedro, and my scouts in a hijacked rhino, heading across towards his objective. My combat squadded tactical squad occupied the 3rd and 2nd levels of the ruin, and my termies waited on the ground level. Thinking here was he was going to have to fight through "layers" of defense to get the objective.

Turn 1 he came in with crushers next to the ruin, a bloodletter squad near my speeder attack bike force, and a prince hiding out of sight with his dog unit. I tried to shoot/assault his crushers in turn 2. My hope was I could eliminate them right away before they got support. Unfortunately they survived and my termies got swarmed and wiped out in turns 2 and 3. This was the end for my objective as he had a large bloodletter unit and his thirster and another character near them also.

On his objective he only had his soulgrinder. My Ironclad took it out but it took 3 turns to do it. The rest of the game came down to his hounds, and another bloodletter unit heading to contest his objective. He cleared my objective but it took him till turn 4ish due to layered defense. Pedro gave his life to slow down the thirster who later died in terrain. The hounds were mvp by crossing the whole board, killing my speeder, and contesting his objective.

My honor guard did well vs a bloodletter unit, but took losses. My Ironclad failed to get into position to stop the Hounds. I also did not assault with my scouts last turn.

Things I learned and took away from this game.....

1. Khan gives this list alot of choices. I need to think more in the deployment phase.

2. Don't split my forces. Pedro was a non factor in this game. He needs to help the scouts and termies.

3. Ironclad is still good if I choose the match ups.

4. Speeders and attack bike do not have to be killing stuff turn one. What they can do late game maybe more important than what they can kill.

5. 2 vindicators will bring alot to this list at 1850. It will definitely be different then.

So time to paint some scouts today. I have 9 to go before next weekend. I need to make some progress today and tomorrow.

Zach showed me Space Marine the video game. It really looks awesome. I loved how they "feel" big and heavy. We talked about maybe doing a Spearhead game and looking for a couple guys to join us some night. Overall it was a good time. I sure if I do well at the Khornehusker RTT, he will take all the credit.

I still hate Daemons..........

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