Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Scouts for Saturday.

Hobby explosion in the last couple days. I need to get my 10 man scout squad painted up for the tournament Saturday. I also decided to change my list and add a 5 man terminator unit that was not based and had to paint shoulder pads yet.

 So what got done and whats left?

Why do certain gamers always make last minute changes to lists? Must be list A.D.D.

So my great decision to swap out painted units for unfinished stuff has caused me more painting this week. But like a champ, I ploughing through it! In the end it will be a good thing with more units finished and hobby progress is always good.

I also managed to catch up on my podcasts. I managed to listen to The Imperial Vox Cast, and 11th Company. I down loaded 3 old episodes of IC podcast for the trip down to Omaha too. Check these out if want something to listen too. Alot of good content in these shows.

Ok on to some WIP pictures...

Ok 3 scouts done. This plus the sargent I finished last week puts me at 40% done for the squad.

The last 6 have a good start. I have the blues and creams done. Currently working on the silver details. Next up after silver is the black and brown washes. Some touch up on the blue to clean them up and get them on the bases.

Speaking of the bases, I finished them already yesterday. Once the squad is done, it will be easy to to get them game ready.

Here are the 2 terminators I had to finish up for the squad. I did not have any more resin bases, so I had to model something to fit in with the squad. They are close and you only notice it when I point it out.

Here they are with the rest of their mates. I plan to run Khan in the squad. It should be fun, and I have never ran furious charge terminators before.

We leave Friday to head to Omaha. My wife and her sister are shopping for wedding stuff, leaving me to game all day Saturday. I expect good competition at the Khornehusker and hope to see lots of well painted armies. Hopefully I can pick up some new models too. I would like to add 2 vindicators, and a command squad to my Fists. Hopefully one of those makes the trip home with me.

Wish me luck. Look for event and army pictures. I'm probably not going to do battle reports as it slows my playing down. I will try to get pictures of tables and armies. Maybe I can get an army spotlight article done from there.

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