Thursday, October 27, 2011

WIP Wednesday; Stealth Thursday post

Ok another Wednesday slipped by and I'm late again on Thursday. I would love to report it was due to me frantically painting some awesome model but, alas it was not.

First up was some progress on my new vindicator. I picked up this bad boy from the Game Shoppe in Omaha with my winnings from the Khornehusker RTT.

Still alot to clean and put together!

Next up is my Exorcists for my sister's of battle army. I'm looking to update my conversion of them to an immolator body. These old whirlwind conversions will be turned into 2 rhinos. I'll need the rhinos for my 2 new units of DCA. It took me 3 hours to find 2 old rhino top doors. Man I need to get rid of some old sprews!

 I'm going to use an Immolator kit plus these missile pods from the Valkyrie kit to make my exorcists. I really hate the look of the organ gun but liked Forge Worlds version better.

Also on my list to get painted in the next month is Kyrinov. I'm going to run him and Jacobus in my list.

Last but not least, I'm thinking of selling my Inquisition Land Raider. With Sister's loosing Inquisitors, I can no longer field this model. I could also turn the money into another vindicator and DCA I need to purchase yet. As it has FW doors and is painted pretty well, I will be asking $60 starting for it. I will be listing on EBay sometime this weekend.

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