Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rumours, Zombies,and Fantasy Football

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of post recently. With my trip to Omaha last weekend, and a new job, it has been kind of crazy.

I have been reading alot of rumours on upcoming releases and it looks like these are the current lineup:

Necrons (Q4-2011)
Tau Empire (Q1-2012)
6th Edition/ Chaos Marines (Q2-3-2012)
Eldar (Q4-2012)

This is subject to change if sales do not go as expected. Looks like SoB is 2013 along with Dark Angels.

I have been watching Walking Dead too. I love this show and it has spurred many "what if" discussions at work. A friend of mine also posted this on his facebook. Looks like Zombie Apocalypses is a sales tool also!

ISU Cyclowns

ISU Cyclowns
  • Rank 9
  • Record 2-5-0
  • Streak L2
  • Division 2

Last but not least is my really bad fantasy football team. I lost again this week even with my opponent having guys on the bye. Curse you Aaron Rodgers! I made some good trades and really strengthened up my team. Hopefully it will pay off. Only bright spot this week was I played Tim Teebow! Thank god for the last 3 minutes of that game.

Tomorrow I'll post up my regular WIP Wednesday article and go over what I have been doing hobby wise.

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