Thursday, March 7, 2013

CotN List Final Thoughts: Assault Arrmies in 6th

Con of the North is long over, and it is time to get my final thoughts on my list and games down on paper so to speak. I went with a drop pod/spearhead style army and turned in a 3-0 performance. I was in top running but 2 daemon armies edged me out with better painting and perfect battle points.

I took a straight Space Marine list with no fortifications. I had 3 units in drop pods and a tank force to thrust into their center. Out of the 38 players at CotN, many were playing gunline infantry armies behind an aegis defence line. While this is what I planned for, how games played out were not as planned.

The List..

comand squad with champion, one vet with storm shield, one vet with power sword, drop pod
Ironclad Dreadnought with heavy flamer, drop pod
Dreadnought with heavy flamer, drop pod
10x assault terminators, 5 with thunder hammer storm shields
10x tactical marines, multi melta, melta
5x scouts, Sargent with sniper rifle
Land Raider Redeemer with multimelta

Game One...

Game one was against Imperial Guard. His list was different with 2x vet plasma squads in chimeras, a hydra, a squad of Russes with the str6 ap4 no cover gun and plasma cannon sponsons. He also had a exterminator Russ with pask and a unit of ogryns and primeris psycher. He had some chaos allies also in the way of a squad with scorcer and a cultist squad.

The terrain was a heavy city style board. I dropped in on a flank and my drop pod units killed the vet squads and most of his tanks. Max points and on to game 2.

Game Two...

Game two I drew a Grey Knight army. He was running two strike squads in rhinos, 2 death cultist units in rhinos, a couple dread knights, a couple venerable autocannon dreadnoughts, and Cotaez.

Our board was dominated by a large hill that we played as difficult. It was the mission with variable point objectives. My unit of 10 terminators dominated the middle of the board, not by fighting, but just by position. As a result I keep pressure on my opponent and was able to keep him away from the objectives. He was winning the attrition war, but due to 6th playing a little slower, he underestimated when to move out. I controlled the middle and squeaked a minor win.

Game Three...

Game three I drew a Space Marine list with a defense line. He had four full tactical squads with rhinos, a defense line with quad gun, missile devastators, vindicator, 5 shooty terminators, and Lysander also. It was a four objective game and two were at mid field and two behind the defense line.

With lots of difficult terrain it was slow going for my terminators and land raider. My drop pods did their job and kept pressure on his line. He was slowly killing my units, BUT not moving out. My scouts easily claimed an objective out of his line of sight.  His devastators and a tactical squad easily held one of his objectives. One in front of his middle was contested by both of use, but I had first blood due to drop pod dreads, and line breaker with Lysander and his command squad in combat with tactical squads behind the line. Victory to me even though I was getting pounded.
Lessons Learned.....
Assaults can work. They will take a pounding. Mobility is huge if you live through the game. Pressure is key to pinning you opponent in place. My 10 man terminator unit barely fought all day but the easily won the last two games for me by keeping my opponent back. People were obsessed about killing them and staying away from them. Sixth Edition really does reward assault armies with it's missions and secondary objectives. You really just need the survivability.
Dark Star GT is next up for me and I'm taking a similar list. I expect to maybe go .500 with the meta I think will be there, but you never know with these missions. I do have some solid ideas for an assault list from my experience at CotN. I look forward to building an ally force and using these lessons.

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