Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Hobby; Directions not included...

Every one's hobby ebbs and flows. How much it swings in either direction may vary by person or by periods in their life. My hobby is an evolving thing. She is alive and roaring at times, and in deep hibernation at times. When I started this blog, my mistress the hobby was in full bloom. Tournaments were plenty and I was in the middle of a great army build my Crimson Fists. Today I'm settling into my new career. The bulk of my Fists are finished, but allies open up new opportunities for future projects. What the future holds for my hobby and this blog is the question I'm struggling to find.

I'm not giving up my hobby. I love gaming and I love 40k. I have loved 6th edition and I'm enjoying the "narrative" approach. But lordy I'm missing tournaments. There are still a ton of GTs but in my area I noticed a decline in local RTTs. Partly there are less, and partly my weekends are spent working and with family. The question I'm asking myself is how do I get excited like before?

The first thing I was able to do was sign up for the Darkstar GT. I was sad I would have to miss the Bugeater GT this year due to work conflicts, but the reshuffling of work rotations opened up the weekend for the Darkstar. I'm really pumped for this! This one event has me thinking of new lists and new allies.

Con of the North and my annual trip to Saint Paul is in a week and a half. This trip is always a shot in my arm for hobbing after a long winter. Seeing so many beautiful armies and terrain is a very good jump start to my painting and modeling. Also I finished really strong in the RTT last year at 1-0-2. my second game was a failed 5++ away from a win and my last game was a tie due to my wife's laptop getting stolen and really getting to play the game out. It was a top ten finish in a 30 man field of top armies and players.

Next project that has me playing more is my game room. I got an awesome table from Terrain Specialties last year and was able to purchase a bunch of terrain this Xmas for it. While some of my pressing projects are not related to my armies, they are things like new lighting and painting the game room, and lots of shelving.

So 2013 looks bright. I'm attending 2 GTs this year, the Darkstar GT and the Renegade GT in November. Mage Con RTTs should be fun and I'll have plenty of time off in October for the Kornhusker RTT. Model wise, I'm looking at adding some allied forces. I have a small Blood Angel force that looks fun for my SoB and I picked up some eldar to run with my Crimson Fists. I also plan on working on my Sister of Battle army. They need to be stripped and re based. My last goal is to post more. I regret letting my blog go so long without attention. While it is a huge time sink, it was very rewarding and a very good tool for getting my army painted. Hopefully it was enjoyable for people to read also.

So first up is Con of the North. Look for an article on the army I'm bringing and events I have signed up for. I hope to have lots of pictures and my an interview or two. So no matter what state your hobby is in, have fun. Remember it's just little plastic men we are pushing around!

That's my 2 cents for today...

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