Sunday, December 16, 2012

From the Ashes........

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, my hobby has returned!

 After a good five to six months at a new job, and moving to a new house, I finally have time and space to hobby. The game room/man cave now named the Hobbit Hole has a ways to go, but it is definitely taking shape! The new game table has been used several times. New terrain has been ordered and is on it's way thought the postal service. My painting desk is lagging behind and I am still debating on moving my desk top computer to the Hole.

The good news is my job is settling into a routine and I'm nearing the end of the probationary time. I have been able to get games in here and there, so only my painting is lagging behind. That is about to end with my ability to go to Con of the North in February.

A wise man once said "the cure for painters block is a tournament". Ok I said that, but it is very true for me. I love a deadline for finishing units and armies. With the RTT at CoTN, I'm looking at running Sisters of Battle with Marine allies. That means repainting the Sisters units I use. It also means maybe adding some fun Space Marine units too.

Painting also means the resurrection of this blog. This blog was one reason my Crimson Fists are finished. WIP Wednesday is a great way to keep myself painting and working on units. Look for WIP Wednesday to return. I also want to do an article every week about games played. I have not done too many battle reports but might try my hand at a few more.

So if you are new or old to this site, welcome back!

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