Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I'm Back, but In the Past!


Whoa it has been a while since I have dusted off the old keyboard and put ink to paper so to speak! Some may have noticed the name change/tweak, and that is because my interests in miniature wargaming have expanded. I have dabbled in X-Wing, Flames of War, and most recently Bolt Action. I have played some great games this summer and winter, and my terrain collection has grown a lot. I have played a fair share of 40k and even qualified for Feasts of Blades. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but from hearing about attendance numbers, I guess I was not the only one.

So what does the future hold?  I will be posting up WIP Wednesdays, an article that will feature what projects I'm working on that particular week. I hope to have articles on other game systems besides 40k. Terrain will be a large theme this year as I hope to do more tables and theme my terrain to my armies. I will also be doing a few features on different armies I own and people in my game group.

While 40k is still my main game system, Bolt Action is going to get a lot of page time. It is a great game and I will be running a lot of demos and convention games for it. Hopefully this will be of interest to the masses. So hang on as we accelerate to 88mph and get back into gaming and blogging!

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