Saturday, November 27, 2010

Crimson Fists WIP

So I'm working on my Fists, sorry no pics yet, and I need to decide on a color scheme for my sternguard squads and veteran terminators. Here is choice one....
Tradition codex colors with veterans having white helmets. Not sure if I want to stay codex. He is another choice.....
Codex says veterans are white with the sargents having red helmets with a white strip. I like the red helmets with a strip and I think I'm going to go that way for my terminators only. I'll come up with some fluff to explain it. I think I will go with the red for veterans and sargents of the sternguard too. No strip for them. Strips for all the termies though.
I picked up my last speeder and just need to get started on it. The army so far is 1 finished tactical squad, 2nd tactical squad is painted and waiting for arms and bases. One speeder done and waiting for basing. 1 predator is done but waiting on a FW front plate. Pedro Kantor is done. Sargent for sternguard #1 is done. Not in my 2000 point list but done is my LR crusader, and one of my 5 shooty termies is painted and waiting on bases. Working on getting a camera to get some WIP shots soon. Our gaming group is also doing a painting thing in December so that will be nice to throw these up there too.

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