Friday, November 12, 2010

Crimsons Fists WIP

I decided way back in 2004 at the Minneapolis GT that my Salamander space marines were just not going to cut it. I was really impressed with the armies there, and really wanted to step up my modeling and do an army the "right" way. Since my painting is only getting mildly better, the fastest and easiest way to improve the look of my army was with molded shoulder pads, forge world doors, and nice scenic bases. I went out and started collecting Fist shoulders and storm blue paint, but Interest faded and dark eldar replaced my need for a 2nd marine army.

Fast forward to 2010. I find myself painting again after a year off of gaming and once again motivated to paint up the Fists. So after some collecting and list building, it had begun. Hopefully in a couple weeks I'll have my new camera and get some work in progress photos up. I'll also post up my army list and my thoughts on why I chose what I did in it too. Stay tuned, there is alot to come.

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