Thursday, May 10, 2012

BOGO! WIP Wednesday and Dust Warfare thoughts!

Ok, I have been neglecting my blog a bit lately. On a good note, I have not been neglecting my hobby. I have been playing alot of games recently. So on to this BOGO of articles!

First up is what I have been working on this week. My Bugeater GT list has taken some turns and twists after Mage Con, but mostly I have added some units I think are fun to play and dropped some stuff I found wasn't preforming like I thought.

The man, the myth, the legend.

Out of the list is a scout squad and a land speeder storm. With 2 sets of both, I felt like I was wasting points in one set. They just were not killing enough and one was enough to contest or claim objectives. I also dropped my Tactical squad down to add a dreadnought. I liked how my list plays with 2 dreads and I also needed points to fit Lysander in. Yip that's right, I'm playing Lysander and Vulcan. Lysander is just fun, and Vulcan makes the list work. God I'm wasting a ton of points!

Regular dread with Aobr MM arm. Wash stage.

So hobby wise....... first up is my new dread. I wanted a MM/Heavy flamer dread and guess what? Dreads do not come with Multimeltas. Well the AoBR dread does but I really did not like this model. He is fine most of the time but next to forgeworld door rhinos and lots of extras he fell short. So I ordered both!

AoBR dread with new arms.

My regular dread got the MM arm and the AoBR dread got new twin lascannon and missile launcher arms! Now both look good and I have another model for Apocalypse!

Quick arm swap and these will be bolter scouts.

Second hobby thing I'm working on for Bugeater is my last scout unit. I have CCW scouts painted but I want an objective camper unit. So I clipped some arms off the scouts not painted and ordered some bolters. I also gave them cammo cloaks for stealth!

Rolled camo cloaks.

I also primed up a bunch of odds and ends laying around.

Extra arms.

Turrets that just need to get done.

More scouts.

My "counts as" Marneus.

DUST Warfare learning day.....

Last Sunday I drove out to Vermilion to play Zach in some Dust Warfare. This was an awesome day because I didn't have to bring anything. Thanks Zach for providing everthing!

We powered through a learning game of 300 points. I played the Americans and Zach took the Germans. He had made some balanced forces for us to use and we fumbled through the rules. Now I'm not going to do a play by play of the game, but we ended up tieing. I liked this game because I got to use some mech, some jump troopers, and regular guys. I had not read the rule book, and the lack of cheat sheets made it frustrating for me to keep asking Zach for stats.

We broke for super and came back to make some armies. I again chose the Americans, because I had an idea to try out jump pack troops. Zach went for the Zombie/Gorilla horde. This was cool picking the forces, and probably took longer than needed. ( I can't wait to get a rule book and make some lists!) We were both suffering from gamer burnout by the end of this game as we had been playing for 10+ hours. This game highlighted some rules problems that require further testing. It also inspired me to look more into this game. Will it replace 40k as my main game, no. The lack of hobby and the ability to make your own commanders or personalize you forces leaves it behind 40k. Every squad is prepicked and all heros are named.

This game definitely will replace warmachine on my shelf though. Look for future articles as Zach and I get some more games in with these crazy Americans and Germans.

Now Zach had also picked up 2 of these Dust landing crafts. All I can say is I did not sleep that night as scenarios of Normandy are going through my head. Add that to the Stormtalons coming out June 2nd, plus the Stormeagle from Forgeworld, and I'm going to be broke for a long time. I'll leave you with some pictures of these and let you decide. I know I'm really pumped about my marines atm, and it has nothing to do with 6th coming out.

Dust Landing Craft.

Storm Eagle from Forgeworld.


  1. Primed my Dust Landers today... Normandy soon! - Zach

    1. seriously, I have been looking for something like this since 1998!

  2. Is it just me or does the Storm Eagle look alot like the Firefox planes!

  3. The DUST Warfare book is tempting me as well. What do you think the possibilities are for this game using existing WWII figs I already have painted? How much different are squad armament to standard WWII figs? Would be great to be able to use stuff Matt & I already have.


    1. Its an ok rules set. Pick up the digital copie from FFG for $20. They are armed more modern. Alien technology has advanced the WW2 storyline.

      I really want to try out Bolt action for ww 2.