Friday, May 25, 2012

Catching up......

Ok, I have been away from my blog for too long. Alot has happened this week from a massive wind storm that took out 20+ trees in our town, including one in my front yard,  to playing some Dust and 40k. Fliers are coming out next week, and 6th is around the bend! Not to mention I still have a dreadnought and 4 scouts to paint for the Bugeater GT! Well let's tackle some of these topics and get my thoughts out there on them....

Last weekend was full of fun manual labor thanks to a large part of our ash tree coming down in the front yard! Here is a shot of it after about 2 hours of removal! (covered the sidewalk to the bottom of the photo before our cleanup started) Needless to say my gaming and painting took backseat to cleanup. I also had to miss a day of work!

Looking out my front door!

I also got my 4th game of Dust Warfare in on Wednesday. I played an Allied elite platoon and a combat platoon. I had 2 light walkers for support but they did not last one turn! Mission was a kill point esque type game and I lost by 1.

Now this game will not replace 40k as my first love. Their is simply no modeling or customizing units. There might be some game play issues too, but I'll hold my final judgement till I get alot more games in. I will probably dump my Menoth army for Warmachine and pick up Allies for Dust. This will leave most of my painting time for 40k! :)

We also got some games of 40k in on Wednesday. First I played Blake and his IG. We played a Bugeater scenario with table quarters as primary, KP as secondary, and objectives as the tertiary. After it was all said and done, I squeaked out a victory, BUT we had to go to the tie breaker of victory points! I won 800 to 600.

Ironclad rolled 2 rounds of ones to wound, then finally died to the Sargent's melta bomb. If he survives, I win on objectives.

I played Zach's GK list next for practice. This game was basically Zach taking the nasty GK list and me in my worst deployment and mission. I also went straight at him to test the GK vs my army. Yeah, they are kind of good. It reminded me of the old Fully Operational Deathstar build from 4th edition. It was a very good learning experience since we do not have any GK players around here. I will definitely have to play the mission vs them.

Looks like the Storm Talon will come out next weekend while we are at the Bugeater GT. I'm definitely going to pick up one, but I'm on the fence about a second. I love the idea of aircraft in the game. This picture is definitely better than the others, and I think it will look fine in person. This model alone has me excited to build and paint one up for my Fists, and that is a good thing.

And finally 6th rumours are everywhere. I'm not going to spend alot of time on the rumours as I have taken a wait and see approach to 6th. I'm excited to see something new, but I'm also enjoying playing 5th. Heck I would be happy with 4 more years of 5th.... but change is coming and my Crimson Fists will adapt and over come. I have shelved the repainting of my SoB because I do want to see the force organization chart for 6th. Till then I will wait and continue working on CF.

And speaking of working on my Fists. Here is a bunch of shots of my WIP dread for the Bugeater GT.

I also have four bolter scouts with camo cloaks to paint up. I got their pins ready for attaching to bases and I hope to get paint on them tomorrow.

Well back to painting. Looks like it will come down to the wire again finishing this army for Bugeater with us leaving in a week. Look for lots of trip pictures from Omaha in 1 week!


  1. Way to not point out that you asked me to play the broken grey knights, not my usual more fun build... propaganda, I swear! - Zach