Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Face of 40k Today

Warhammer 40k is an every changing game. The last six months has been a roller coaster of a ride the likes we have never seen. So many codex releases and a new edition to absorb means what was once good is no longer the cat's meow. Today's face of 40k is no longer the super human Space Marines. Heck today's face is not even human! The last 2 alien codexes has changed what everyone is playing or has changed what people are preparing to face.


While Chaos Marines and Dark Angels came out first, it was Daemons that made the first major changes to what and how people are playing. Very rare will be the Chaos Marine list that is just marines. Daemons are almost always an ally now and CSM (Chaos Space Marines) are also taken to ally when Daemons are primary. The 2 lists work well together and Heldrakes are that good..

The next codex that shook up the meta is Tau. With there massive numbers of shots, and the new giant size figure, Tau have changed a couple things in people's lists. First change would be for Marine players is the weight of fire Tau can put out. A 3+ is no longer enough to survive the numbers of shots and wounds Tau can put out. Marines just cost too much and have too few bodies on the field to survive.

Second big change Tau brought in was the amount of skyfire they bring. Over night people are able to ally in effective anti air. Flyer heavy lists will struggle and people will knee jerk away from flyer heavy lists.

Tau are also able to ignore a lot of cover. This means small units of objective campers beware.

Tau also brought us the Riptide. This is a change more in what future codex model ranges will get. The birth of the Big Kit!

The Eldar codex completes the change of the 40K face. Marines had a chance with 2+ save models to wither the weight of fire armies until the Eldar. This one army and it's basic shuriken weapon makes it had to field 2+ armies. The large numbers of bs 4 weapons that on a 6 to hit are ap2 is ridiculous.

They too get a giant model the wraith knight that is the size of a Stompa! Durable vehicles will also be a monkey wrench for a lot of armies.

Their psychic powers and the large number of rerolls they can put out there is impressive.



So what does this mean? Not much really, times change. You will probably see more zenos armies than ever before. Space Marines will be in the minority in tournaments. Assault is DEAD..........for this is the TIME OF THE ALIEN. But do not despair brother for our time to strike back is coming.............


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