Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Operation New Codex; Devestators

Operation New Codex will be a series of articles on new or different units I will be considering adding to my Crimson Fist army. With every new codex, comes change. This new Space Marine codex is no different. This time has not been as bad, with most units only getting cheaper and adding a couple new types.

First unit I am actually thinking of adding to my army is Devastator squads. I have a Crimson Fist army, so I will be using Imperial Fist chapter tactics. This gives me bolter drill and tank hunter on my devastator squads. Both of these benefit devastators if they take heavy bolters. Combine that with some cheaper weapon options, and these are looking to make my list for the first time since 3rd edition.

A five man squad with 4 heavy bolters will run 110 points. That is not a lot to invest to get 12 strength 5 shots rerolling ones and tank hunter. This is a great anti infantry squad that is so cheap, I will not miss it if it dies or is out of position. I have run retribution squad Sister's of Battle with heavy bolters and love them. 12 shots can put the hurt on units and I will probably run 2 squads.

Second option is to run them with one missile launcher and pay for the sky fire missile. They can still kill infantry with a frag missile and could knock out a light flier. One shot is not much, but with the signum bumping the bs of the missile to 5, he should hit. This will only increase the points to 125 per squad, still a bargain. The loss of one heavy bolter will be off set by adding others in other squads like scouts in storms.

So in short, Devastator squads are looking to become a staple unit in my new codex marine armies. Imperial Fist chapter tactics really help bolters, so I am looking at a hammer and anvil style army that really leverages the bolters.  Tactical squads backed up with Devastators with a bike and scout force to take objectives.

Next up I will look at how scouts have changed and how they have changed for me. Thanks again, all comments welcome!


  1. Can the Imperial Fist bolters reroll on snap fire? Str 5 is not really going to hurt flyers that bad but add in tank hunters and maybe you can get lucky in a pinch. Not the only anti air.

    Also how does the auspex work with this unit. Is the range to low to be helpful?

  2. Yes they can teroll ones on snap fite for bolters. Not sure on the auspex, not really looking at uzong iy. Signum gives devastators a bs 5everyone for one shot.

    Str 5 is good enmass. One or two are not impressive, but 20+ can do damage