Thursday, October 10, 2013

SM ipad codex and upcoming Sister Codex thoughts

I recently made the decision to purchase the Space Marine codex on the Ipad format. I was torn between a physical book and going the way of digital. Both had pros and cons but it was another separate codex that made my mind up.

The book had very good pros. I like having a physical codex in hand. Must be the hoarder in me. A serious con was the physical weight of the book. Maybe not one book per say but add in 2-3 more codexes and my KR case starts putting on real weight!
The biggest reason I went with the Ipad version was the fact that the new SOB codex will be digital only. I have a large SoB army and this is a must by for me. If I was going to go digital for one codex then digital it is for all!
Fast forward to today, and my 48 hours of nonstop playing with my new codex. I think it was a great decision to pick the ipad version. It is beautiful, easy to use, and really helpful. The fact that pages are linked to summaries and definitions, makes it heads and tails better than it's print version.
I have enjoyed all the voice readings in the margins and the pictures are beautiful. Add the bonus of some apocalypse data sheets and the force builder function and you have a sweepstakes winner here!!
I have updated once since my purchase and it fixed a couple links that were non working. I like how faqs will be updated automatically.
Some people will not like having to bring there ipad to game, but I do not care. To me it is a tool to be used, not gold to be hoarded in the shadows. The fact I can find rule definitions for brb rules my units have in a touch of a button, instead of getting another book out and looking it up, is priceless.
I give it a 8 out of 10. They will get a 9 if they take the force builder function to the next level.

Now for the juicy stuff. Sister's of Battle are getting an updated codex. It is not just a reprint of the White Dwarf codex as there are warlord traits, new fluff, and point and formation adjustments to units according to the leaked picture by Games Workshop on Facebook.
Here are the pages they have released.

Personally I felt the White Dwarf codex was half of the codex. I believe it was simply rules for the models they already had out in circulation. Fast forward to today's digital codex. I still believe this is an updated half of a codex that is done, but waiting on models for the complete release. GW can not release rules anymore with out a model or it will loose the ip to it. With digital codexes they can release the pages of what they have, and come back and update the digital codex later when the full release happens. I hope I'm right on this as it is a brilliant way to protect their IP and yet update rules for existing armies.
What do you think, stop gap, or half of a new codex that has been done for a while?



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