Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WIP Wednesday; Adepta Sororitas Rhino

Been a few months since WIP Wednesday graced the Ole Blog, but it's back! Some great hobby progress this week as I am trying to get my Sisters of Battle ready for battle...

Nov 16th I'm going to make the trek north to Minneapolis barring weather problems. There is a 3 game rtt at a store I have never attended before. This will be a great opportunity to check out a new store, meet some new players, and play the SoB with the new codex. Cons could be their setup but I think it is worth the adventure.
A by product of going to a tournament is I get new models and units painted. With out this deadline, I never complete new stuff. For this tournament I have to get my conclave, Jacobus, and a couple rhinos and exorcist painted. I also had to rearm several celestians and convert up a simulacrum.
Canoness's new ride. Added the dragon with grail on the front.
Today I have pictures of my canoness's rhino. I wanted a sweet ride for her. I do not have a land raider or other center piece model for my SoB. She will be riding with a Retributor unit, so I would like extra armor on my rhino. At 5 points for a pintle storm bolter, I figured why not. I also wanted to model Loud Hailers on it in case I want to pay for that option.
Canoness's rhino next to my Ecclesiarchy rhino. My Battle Conclave will ride with several priests in there.
I started with a rhino I had painted already. I have one unassembled in a box, but I might want to make an Inquisition rhino with their new codex coming out. I also had 5 rhinos for my SoB army, witch is to many. One is also being changed over to an Exorcist tank. 4 rhinos and 3 Immolators is a good number for now.
Rhino with Exorcist side panels.
I wanted extra armor on it and I have a set of the exorcist tank side armor plates. These are very nice and originally I wanted to recast them. Unfortunately I don't think tat day is anytime soon, so on the tank they go. I also love the SOB loud hailers. They are a very nice way to decorate the rhino and set it apart from their space marine brothers.

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