Sunday, November 10, 2013

The day 40k Radio died...again.

When I got back into 40k, 40k Radio was the first podcast I listened too. I found out that I loved to paint while listening to podcasts. I even paid the membership fee to become a Freeboota, and for a year I was a huge fan boy. Man I love the movie sound bite clip at the end of the show!

But all was not well. Some of their negativity towards 40k, and their shift towards other games soured my love. Then came the commercial breaks. I'm all for making a buck, but it seemed over done. They fell in my rotation of podcasts that I regularly listen to.

They had recently announced they were switching to a once a month release schedule. This was not surprising as you can "hear" the love for the podcast was gone. Kyle and Rick were still great as always but you can just feel this podcast was a chore for Romeo. With episode 69 they have announced they are changing format due to Games Workshop's C and D letter. They blame the forced changes on GW, but it seems a convenient excuse to steer the podcast away from 40k and on to other games. 40k will still get segment on the show, but the writing's on the wall. 40K Radio is dying.

Hopefully they will step out of the way, and allow the 40k Radio name to be passed on. Unfortunately I believe they will try to sell the name if give it up at all. In the end it is the fans that suffer.

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