Monday, November 11, 2013

Codex Space Marines: Revisiting Double Land Raiders


After my worse tournament showing in a very long time, a serious list shake up was needed. I know I needed to add grav weapons, and centurions will be my go to unit. Their lack of an invulnerable save and their shorter range will mean I need a delivery system.

This and my love of Land Raiders led me to revisit the double Land raider list.

I love land Raiders. They are super fun to play, so this list makes me all giddy inside. With 2 redeemers, opponents will have to kill them or they will decimate their lines. At 500 points, they are eating up a large chunk of my army too.

To help them survive, I am going to ally in a Dark Angel's Librarian on a bike. I will give him the power field generator so my Land Raider have a 4++. He will be small enough to hide be hind 2 Land Raiders, and fast enough to keep up with them. Then when my centurions deploy, the librarian can zoom around and join the unit giving them a 4++. Divination will also be very big for this unit.

In the end, I will get to do some flaming death to traitors, and that is all I really need...   :)

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